Jason Manley takes win in Limited, while Travis Reno takes Street Stock

Another great night is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway, and the action was fast all night long! In Classic, it was Philip Thompson taking the checkers. Next up was Mini Stock, where Keith Sands took the win. In Street Stock, Travis Reno was the winner. In Topless Modified, it was Johnny Ridings in victory lane. In Thunder & Lightning, it was all Robbie Comer. Rounding out the night was the Limited Late Model where Jason Manley took the win.

Coming up this Saturday is another night of points racing action in all classes EXCEPT Classic. The Classic drivers and 411 Motor Speedway agreed that they would race every-other-week through the end of August. If car counts have not improved in Classic at the end of August, they will no longer be a part of the program at 411 Motor Speedway beginning in September.




Philip Thompson and Tim Sands Jr your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Thompson with the jump off 2, Marvin Ray looks to follow through, give Ray the 2nd spot. Bart Baxter now around Bobby Pressley to claim 4th. Sands Jr now off the pace here on lap 5. Thompson your leader, Ray in 2nd, Baxter in 3rd with Pressley rounding out the field. Baxter reeling in Ray for the 2nd spot. Fast forward to the checkers, Thompson takes the win over Ray and Baxter.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 69-Thompson (1-20)




Mini Stock
William Tallent and Keith Sands your front row ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Sands with the jump off 2, Tallent in 2nd, Sam Burgess in 3rd. Shawn Henry in the 4th spot, David Singleton and Brian Dinkins side by side, now several cars get together, Rocky McNabb bounces off one car and into the infield, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Sands again with the jump off 2, he’s got a mirror full of Tallent, with David Singleton just behind him, now 3-wide off 2 for the 4th spot, Dinkins, Burgess, and Tommy Metler, they all sort it out off 4, well maybe not completely as Burgess and Metler tangle on the frontstretch, caution flies here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air, Sands powers away off 4 as the chase is on into 1. McNabb down low, around McNabb. Metler now making his way through the field, but up front it’s all Sands. Tallent in 2nd, Burgess 3rd with Dinkins and David Singleton side by side off 4, David Singleton maintains the spot. Tallent drafting with Sands, still glued to his bumper. McNabb closing in on Dinkins, powers inside, he’s around Dinkins, inside David Singleton for the 4th spot. Burgess showing smoke, he’ll slow off 2, McNabb now up to 3rd. Sands your leader, Tallent hot on his heels, as McNabb closes in here on lap 10. Singleton reeling back in McNabb as Logan Chambers is around off 2, caution flies here on lap 10.

Green flag back in the air, Sands off 2 with the lead, Tallent in 3rd, McNabb slides into the 3rd spot as he chases down Tallent. Now McNabb turns left, inside Tallent off 2, falls back in line down the backstretch. Sands pulling away slightly, but not by much, but Chambers is around off 4, caution is out here on lap 12.

Time has expired, so we’re going to lap 15. Green flag back in the air, Sands off turn 2 with the lead, Tallent in 2nd, now McNabb around him, give McNabb the 2nd spot, now white flag flies as he chases Sands. Checkers in the air, McNabb tries to mount a run off 4, they’re almost side by side but Sands takes the win over McNabb and Tallent.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 99-Sands (1-15)




Street Stock
Travis Reno and Walter Sims ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Quickly caution flies into 1 as David Price is around. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air one more time, Reno with the jump off 2, Sims and Dale Watson side by side for 2, Sims with the run off 4 up top. Dwayne Fox now reeling in Watson, top 4 nose to tail here on lap 2. Watson with a bobble, Fox pulls inside, side by side for 3rd as they both reel in the top 2. Sims closing in on Reno as Reno tries to pull away. Sims in 2nd, but Austin Atkins is around in 4, caution flies here on lap 5.

Green flag back in the air, Reno again with the lead off 2. Sims in 2nd, Watson and Fox the next 2. Then it’s Price and Scott Atkins, Darrin Busler, Todd Merriman and Austin Atkins rounding out the field. Reno opening up the gap as Busler and Scott Atkins tangle off 4, they sort things out, now Watson powers inside Sims, Sims gives up 2 spots as Fox bumps Watson, now Sims with a flat tire, tough break for him. Up front Reno your leader, but now Fox spins off 4 after making contact with Watson, Fox will slide through the infield, and caution flies here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Reno powers off 4, he’s got Watson in tow. Price in the 3rd spot as Fox has moved into 4th, now Fox blasts around Price, give Fox the 3rd spot but the top 2 have checked out for the time being. Reno and Watson still the top 2, Fox in 3rd but he’s closing in with 4 laps remaining. Fox closing quickly, he’s kicked in the afterburner, but now caution flies as Austin Atkins is around off 2. Caution here on lap 17.

Green flag back in the air, Reno now with a mirror full of Fox as Fox powers around Watson, now Reno gets loose in 4, now Fox pulls inside Reno for a moment into 1. Reno showing the way with the white flag in the air. Checkers on this one, Reno takes the win over Fox and Watson.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 77-Reno (1-20)




Topless Modified

Johnny Ridings and Shane Taylor your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Ridings with the jump into 1, he’ll lead off 2. Taylor in 2nd, Wayne James in 3rd, James now outside Taylor for the 2nd spot but has a push, Taylor keeps 2nd. But now caution flies here on lap 3 as James stalls in 4 with a flat tire.

Green flag back in the air, Ridings off 4 with the lead with Taylor and James in 2nd. Gina Allen rounds out the field. Top 3 just like they were prior to caution, with James having a new tire. Handling different than before for James as he gets sideways into 3. Taylor hot on the heels of Ridings, waiting for a mistake. James trying to close back in on the top 2. Ridings pulling away from Taylor slightly with 10 laps complete. James figuring out the line he needs to work with his new tire as he’s continuing to reel in the top 2, chipping away at their lead lap by lap. Now the top 2 has pulled away from James, as Ridings continues to show the way. He’s got about 3 car lengths over Taylor. Ridings now about 4 lengths over Taylor with 2 to go. Checkers on this one, Ridings takes the win over Taylor and James.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and Rocky Ogle your front row ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Ogle with the surge off turn 2 as Landon Williamson takes the extreme high line, keeps it off the wall. Up front, lap 3 complete, Comer with some body damage, he’s battling Ogle for the lead, falls back in line. Ogle now under fire once again, as Josh Beal is around just ahead of them, caution here on lap 7.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle the leader off 2, Comer hot on his heels, side by side for the lead off 4. Williams in 3rd with Williamson in 4th. Halfway on this one as Ogle is putting some distance over Comer. Comer now closing in on Ogle. Caution here on lap 16 as Dylan Lowe hasn’t made it completely off the track in 2. Looks like under this caution Ogle has a few missing lug nuts, so track officials will send him to the pits to get service and he’ll re-join the field

Green flag back in the air, Ogle looking to charge through the field and battle Comer for the win, Comer with the jump off 2, Ogle blasts into 2nd, but Comer has checked out already. Comer takes the win, Ogle in 2nd, with Williamson in 3rd.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 9-Ogle (1-16); 42-Comer (17-20)





Limited Late Model
Cory Hedgecock and Jason Manley your front row, ready to do this thing, GREEN FLAG! Hedgecock with a jump into 1, Manley in 2nd, Brad Seagle in 3rd, Rusty Ballenger 4th. Chase King looking around Stone Fuller, falls back in line, but now Hedgecock up in smoke off 2, caution flies here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, Manley now the leader, he’ll power off 2, Seagle in 2nd, now Ballenger slows off 4. Jason Cardwell in a backup tonight, in Raymond Shepard’s machine, working his way through the field at the moment. Up front, Manley your leader, Seagle in 2nd, not losing touch with Manley, now Seagle showing a touch of smoke, but stays glued with Manley. Fuller in the 3rd spot, King in 4th, now more smoke from the Seagle machine. 9 laps now complete as Seagle slows, and caution flies as Mitchell Childress couldn’t make it all the way off the track.

Green flag back in the air, Manley blasts off turn 4. Fuller clears King from the bottom, with Cardwell just behind King. Scott Gardner just behind with Cory Cate behind him. Brandon Gardner around Terry Poore. Manley checking out here with 12 laps complete, Fuller in 2nd, now King slows heading into 3, caution here on lap 14.

Green flag back in the air, Cardwell now slides into the 2nd spot as he chases Manley. Fuller just behind him as Cate looks for room around Fuller. Fuller now battling back inside to challenge Cardwell, now Fuller slides, he’ll lose ground to Cardwell as Manley has checked out. Now a half straightaway lead here on lap 19. Cate now reeling in Fuller. Manley now up to a straightaway lead over Cardwell with 8 laps to go. Cate now showing smoke as Scott Gardner pulls into the infield. Now Fuller stalls on the backstretch, caution here on lap 26.

Green flag back in the air, Manley but caution will fly here on lap 27, as a competitor was backing up their car and backed into a track official. Rescue was called into the infield and checked out the track official Richard Guyton. Guyton was checked out at a local hospital on Sunday and will be on crutches and a boot for a couple weeks as he has a chipped bone in his foot, but is just fine.

Green flag back in the air, Manley will lead the remaining few laps taking the win over Cardwell and Cate.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1); 32-Manley (2-30)

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