McNabb takes win in Mini Stock, as Limited winner still to be confirmed

Another great night of racing action is complete at the 411 Motor Speedway, and the racing was fast and furious on one of the best track surfaces ever seen at the speedway! Mini Stock was the first feature, where Rocky McNabb took the win. Next was Topless Modified, where Eric Hux flexed his powerful muscles to blast off to the win. Robbie Sands hit the afterburners in Classic to take the win. David Miley would win in Thunder & Lightning. Raymond Shepard was the class of the Street Stock field–for the first 7 laps, until mechanical trouble handed the win to Dale Watson. Rounding out the night was fast qualifier Cory Hedgecock taking the win. Jason Manley finished up 2nd and lodged a protest. Hedgecock accepted the protest, and track officials impounded the motor, which was inspected on Monday evening and declared legal..

Join us for another great Saturday night of racing this Saturday May 18th! Pit/Tier gates will open at 3, grandstand gates will open at 4, with the drivers meeting at 6. See you Saturday!




Mini Stock
Mike Townsend and David Singleton your front row, ready to rock, GREEN FLAG! David Singleton with the run of 2, he’ll take the lead, now he’ll bring Rocky McNabb with him, McNabb moves to 2nd. Lee Merritt now challenges Townsend, as David Singleton gets sideways, McNabb can’t make the pass, falls in line, now into 1 McNabb powers inside and around David Singleton for the race lead. David Singleton in 2nd, Townsend hanging onto 3rd. Tommy Metler and Tim Oakes go to work, now Merritt and Townsend tangle, but they keep it straight and we stay green. Merritt now inside Townsend again, give Merritt the 3rd spot. David Singleton now on the bumper of McNabb, but now McNabb finds another gear and pulls away. Now Oakes gives a bump to Metler into 3, 7 laps complete. Merritt drives deep into 3, gets sideways as he closes in on David Singleton, keeps control and stays glued to the rear bumper. Merritt now inside Singleton for the 2nd spot. Merritt and David Singleton side by side, 11 laps complete. McNabb has checked out with 14 laps complete, but now caution flies as Alex Squires is around in 3.


Green flag back in the air, McNabb picks up where he left off as David Singleton is already a half straightaway behind here on lap 15. Townsend though has moved back into 3rd and now Metler challenges Merritt for a moment, falls back in line. Merritt now looking inside Townsend, side by side off 4 with 2 to go. Checkers in the air on this one, McNabb takes the win over David Singleton and Townsend.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 25-Da. Singleton (1-2); 51-McNabb (3-20)




Topless Modified
Eric Hux and Tim Cooper your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Eric Hux quickly takes the lead off 2, he’ll have a mirror full of Cooper with Johnny Ridings in tow. Kevin Lewis and William Hux the next 2 with Shane Taylor and Gina Allen rounding out the field. Allen making her first start here tonight. Up front, Eric Hux has company as Cooper closes in, now Ridings with a bobble off 4, he’ll keep it going. Eric Hux in command as he pulls away from Cooper. Lewis hanging onto 4th as William Hux closes in, now peeks inside into 1, falls back in line with 7 down. Eric Hux well in command as he’s got a half straightaway lead now over Cooper. You’ll have to go back another half straightaway to get to Ridings. William Hux now inside Lewis for the position as the leader closes in from behind. Lewis pulls away from William Hux slowly, now William Hux powers inside and around Lewis for position. 16 laps complete now for Eric Hux. Checkers in the air, Eric Hux takes the win over Cooper and Ridings.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 11-E. Hux (1-20)




Robbie Sands and Cameron Skinner your front row, GREEN FLAG! Robbie Sands with the jump off 2, now Skinner has an issue, he’ll drop all the way to the rear. Shannon Reece in the 2nd spot, Scott Lacy in 3rd with Logan Dukes and Philip Thompson the next 2. Then it’s Marvin Ray, Bart Baxter, Tim Sands Jr, and Richard Bell rounding out the field as Skinner has pulled to the infield. Now Lacy makes contact with Reece, he’ll have a bobble, now he’ll slow as well. Up front it’s all Robbie Sands as he shows the way over Reece and Dukes. Now Dukes pulls inside, side by side off 4, they make contact into 3, now Thompson joins the battle. Tim Sands Jr now looks inside Ray, falls back in line. Robbie Sands showing the way over Dukes and Reece. Thompson reeling in Reece, peeks inside off 4, falls back in line. Halfway now in this one as Robbie Sands continues to pull away from Dukes. Robbie Sands continues to show the way over Dukes, as they have left Reece behind. Checkers on this one, Robbie Sands takes the win over Dukes and Reece.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 17-R. Sands (1-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Steve Owens Jr and David Miley your front row, they’re ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Owens Jr gets a good jump off 4, he’ll take the preferred line away from Miley into 1. Owens Jr the leader, Miley in 2nd, Rocky Ogle in 3rd, then David Kerr, Wendell Williams, and Robert Wollard the next 3, then it’s Steve Hillard, now Travis Reno powers inside and around Tommy Huston, with Tom Larcher rounding out the field as Robbie Comer pulls into the infield. Up front, business picks up as Miley challenges Owens Jr, Owens Jr gets sideways off 4, give Miley the lead. Owens Jr now goes back to work, but Ogle wants the 2nd spot, side by side off 4. Ogle with a slidejob into 1, now Owens Jr tries to battle back inside, can’t keep up as Ogle powers away. Now Ogle sets his sights on Miley. Kerr in the 4th spot, Williams in 5th, Wollard and Reno the next 2. Caution flies though here on lap 9 as Wollard spins in 2.


Green flag back in the air, Miley powers away off 4 as Owens Jr can’t get going, he gives up 3rd to Kerr off 2 as Huston gets sideways, now Wollard tries to gather it back up and we stay green. Now a battle for the lead as Ogle pulls inside, falls back in line. 11 laps complete as Ogle peeks inside off 4, falls in line. Now he’ll pull inside for the lead off 2, into 3 and off 4 side by side. Coming to 14 laps complete, Ogle trying to set up the pass as Reno goes around in 3.


Green flag back in the air, Miley picks up where he left off, now he bobbles, Ogle can’t capitalize this time. Hot on his heels is Ogle, now Ogle gets sideways, Kerr is right there as Miley pulls away. Now Owens Jr pulls inside Kerr, they make contact, and around they both go. Time has expired, so it’ll be a green, white, checker finish.

Green flag back in the air, Ogle pulls inside on Miley into 1, he’ll slide, allows Miley to pull away. Checkers in the air, Miley takes the win over Ogle and Williams.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 17-Owens Jr (1-4); 71-Miley (5-19)





Street Stock
Raymond Shepard and Dale Watson your front row, GREEN FLAG! Shepard with the jump into 1, Watson in tow, he’ll have Austin Atkins on his spoiler, now Shepard slows slightly off 4, that allows Watson to close onto his bumper, now Shepard gets some breathing room, he’ll get sideways into 3, hangs on to the car and the lead. Watson in 2nd, Atkins in 3rd. Adam Engel and David Price the next 2 with Greg Humphrey rounding out the field. Shepard now finds his groove, begins to pull away from Watson. Engel holding off Price with 5 laps complete. Shepard now with some smoke from his machine, may just be a tire rub as it’s a very light trail. Watson in the 2nd spot with Atkins in 3rd, now Atkins goes around in the middle of 3 and 4, caution flies here on lap 7.

Green flag back in the air as Engel and Watson touch in 4, Watson now peeks inside Shepard, falls back in line, now Watson powers inside and around Shepard, now Shepard slows, give Engel the 2nd spot, tough break for Shepard. Watson now your leader, Engel in 2nd, Atkins back up to 3rd around Price, with 10 laps complete. Price now leans on Atkins a little into 1, both drivers continue on. Watson showing the way over Engel, as he has a half straightaway lead now over Engel. Checkers in the air on this one, Watson takes the win over Engel and Atkins.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 11-Shepard (1-7); 11-Watson (8-20)





Limited Late Model
Cory Hedgecock and Rusty Ballenger your front row, they’re ready, we’re ready, GREEN FLAG! Hedgecock with the jump into 1, Ballenger hangs tough as Brad Seagle and Jason Manley make contact, now Mack McCarter powers inside Jason Cardwell, give McCarter 3rd. Ballenger in 2nd, leader is all Hedgecock. Cardwell in 4th, Manley 5th, 6th is Gusty Christenberry, with Seagle and Trevor Sise the next 2. Then Brandon Gardner and Layne Clifton, then Kip Sawyer and Nick Perry. Now Manley around Cardwell but caution flies as Sawyer is around in 2. Caution flew with good time as Cardwell has a flat, apparently from contact with Manley as he’ll show his displeasure toward Manley. Caution here on lap 5.
Green flag back in the air, 5 laps are complete with 25 remaining. Hedgecock still your leader, but McCarter gets the run through 1 and 2, give McCarter the 2nd spot, now Ballenger powers inside, and back around Ballenger goes McCarter, give McCarter 2nd spot. Ballenger in 3rd with Manley in 4th. Sise has slipped up to 5th, with Christenberry falling back to 6th on that exchange. Hedgecock with a straightaway lead now over McCarter, now Manley pulls inside Ballenger, can’t make it stick into 1, falls back in line. Now Perry and Gardner tangle, but Sawyer slows off 2, caution flies here on lap 13 for Sawyer.

Green flag back in the air with 17 laps to go. Hedgecock again with an incredible restart, he’ll have 4 car lengths off 2, now Sise as Christenberry make contact, Sise slows off 2, caution flies quickly. Sounds like Sise lost power as he fired it back up.

Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock again with a good restart, but McCarter stays close. McCarter in 2nd, Manley now in 3rd around Ballenger as Christenberry closes in on Ballenger. Sise now trying to hold off Clifton and does so for the time being. Hedgecock your leader, McCarter and Manley the next 2. Ballenger and Christenberry after that as Sise now closes in on Christenberry. Sise has pulled away from Clifton by a half straightaway. 10 laps remain in this one. Manley looking inside McCarter, falls back in line, lap traffic going to affect them as Manley and McCarter split Perry, now Sise pulls inside Christenberry, as Manley has made his way around McCarter but he’ll need a caution if he’s going to catch Hedgecock. Sise still working on Christenberry for the 6th spot. Manley is closing in on Hedgecock, albeit slowly, as Sise and Christenberry do battle again, now Sise makes heavy contact with Christenberry, caution flies here on lap 27.

Time has expired so it’ll be a green/white/checker finish. Green flag in the air, Hedgecock gets another great jump, now Manley tries to reel him back in. White flag in the air as Manley slides into 3, into 1 he’ll try again, can’t, checkers in the air, Hedgecock takes the win over Manley and Ballenger. After this feature was concluded, Manley would lodge a protest against Hedgecock. Hedgecock accepted, the engine was impounded and inspected by NeSmith on Monday evening. NeSmith declared the motor legal, so the results stand.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-29)

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