Openshaw, Davis take wins in USCS Sprints, Griffith takes Mod Lite win

The USCS Sprint Car Series invaded the 411 Motor Speedway on Friday night for a great night of racing excitement. The first feature on the speedway was the Mini Stock division as Rocky McNabb took the win. Next was Mod Lite as they made their first-ever trip to 411 Motor Speedway. Jackson Griffith ‘smoked’ the field. Next was Thunder & Lightning, where David Miley took the win. Next up was the USCS 600cc Sprints, where it was Chris Openshaw taking the win. Limited Late Models were up next, where Rusty Ballenger was holding off several challenges from Matt Henderson, until Henderson would drop fluid, causing an 7-car pileup in turn 1. This shook the running order up, but Ballenger held off Josh Henry to take the win after the time limit expired on lap 17. The final feature of the night was the USCS 360 Outlaw Sprints, where this feature was too cut short by the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department on lap 15, where Dalton Davis would take the win.

We’re back to regular weekly points racing this Saturday May 11th. It’ll be another great night, so be sure to make your plans to enjoy the action!




Mini Stock
Green flag in the air on this feature, Rocky McNabb off with the lead off 2, now Greg Huskey goes around into 3, gets it going again and we stay green. McNabb showing the way with 2 laps complete, Mike Townsend in the 2nd spot, 3rd is a battle as David Singleton battles inside on Nick Adams, but Nick Adams pulls away and sets his sights on Townsend. Jeff Thatcher now reeling in David Singleton, as Lee Merritt is a little distance behind. Now 2 cars are slow, Shane Taylor to the infield, Nathan Adams pulls off just ahead of Taylor. Up front it’s McNabb showing the way, new 2nd place man is Nick Adams as he goes 3-wide with two lappers, but he’s got a way to go to catch up to McNabb. Townsend now under pressure as David Singleton closes back in. Merritt has now reeled in and drives right past Thatcher. Now Alex Squires pulls outside on Thatcher, now Huskey powers inside and around Thatcher. Looks like Thatcher is having an issue now as Robert Burris powers around him as well. Up front, Nick has reeled in McNabb, just 3 car lengths now separate the leaders, 3rd is David Singleton, then Townsend in 4th and 5th is Merritt. 5 laps remain in this one as McNabb has stretched out his lead to about 7 car lengths now over Nick. Now Huskey looking for a way around Squires, but checkers are in the air, McNabb takes the win over Nick Adams and David Singleton.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 51-McNabb (1-20)




Mod Lite
Green flag in the air for the Mod Lite division, but as soon as we get going it appears as though Tim Price will go for a topple for the 2nd time tonight here on the frontstretch. He’s ok and even continues on.

Green flag back in the air, but caution flies in turn 3 as Price will go around as he closes quickly on another car in front and gives him a bump. No laps are yet complete.

Green flag back in the air, now Price takes over the 2nd spot, now Jackson Griffith shows some smoke in the corners, but continues to show the way. But caution flies here on lap 5 as Price goes around off 4.

Green flag back in the air, this feature will be shortened as the time limit has expired. Griffith powers away off 2 with the lead, Barrett Terry looking to challenge, white flag in the air. Checkers in the air, Griffith takes the win over John Stout and Terry.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 55-Griffith (1-7)




Thunder & Lightning
Green flag in the air for the Thunder & Lightning, off turn 2 David Miley will power away with the lead, Robbie Comer in 2nd, 3rd will be Travis Reno, with David Kerr in the 4th spot. David Price looking inside Josh Davis for position, falls back in line. Tom Larcher looking for a way around Price, peeks inside, gets sideways to avoid contact, now Clyde Overholt pulls to his outside, they touch off 2, all continues on. Miley your leader, Comer in 2nd as Miley stretches his lead out. Miley already about to negotiate lap traffic soon, with 5 laps on the board. Miley now into lap traffic here on lap 6, but caution flies as Davis is around off 4.


Green flag back in the air, Miley drifts way high into 3 here on lap 7, that’ll allow Comer to pull side by side, but Miley gathers it back up and pulls away as Comer tries to find some grip. Now caution flies here again on lap 9, looks like fluid up high in 3.


Green flag back in the air, Miley off turn 2 with the lead, Reno now slows into 1, looks like his night will be done.

Green flag back in the air, Miley again with the jump off 2, Comer trying to find a way to keep up with Miley, now Kerr is in the 3rd spot with Overholt just behind them. Comer with a loose looking machine, as Miley continues to pull away. Checkers on this one, Miley takes the win over Comer and Kerr.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 71-Miley (1-20)





USCS 600cc Mini Sprints (courtesy of USCS Racing)
The USCS Mini Sprint feature hit the track with a roar as front row Chris Openshaw from Bessemer, Alabama and Matt McCullough from Atlanta, Georgia set the pace and came screaming off of turn four in a hard fought battle for the first 6 laps. Bobby Zaiontz moved his way into the second position on lap 7 and dogged the #17 of Openshaw the remainder of the feature race. The #1 of Zaiontz said he had a good car but just could not complete the pass for the lead. Clean racing was the order of the night as the large 411 crowd were on their feet cheering the heated battle. McCullough finished a strong third followed by “Magic” Mike Magic in forth and an impressive run from the rear of the field by Shawn Nelson from Ooltewah, Tenn for the fifth position.




Limited Late Model
Matt Henderson and Rusty Ballenger ready to rock and roll, GREEN FLAG! They’ll thunder off turn 4, Ballenger shows the way off 2. Henderson in 2nd, Cory Hedgecock in 3rd, Trevor Sise in 4th but Jason Welshan goes around in 4, caution flies, but no lap was complete. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, 4-wide off turn 4 for the race lead, WOW! Everyone seems to make it through turn 2 as that start will not be called back, Ballenger has the race lead, Hedgecock now back to 4th but Sise spins in turn 2, he’ll collect Jason Cardwell, caution flies on lap 1.


Green flag back in the air, Ballenger pounds on the gas as he leads the field into 1, Henderson in 2nd, Hedgecock in 3rd. Adam Beeler up high, he’ll slide, now Mark Leach will close in. Sise just in front of Ross White, who has made his return to 411 and is running strong right now, but now caution flies as Sise is around in 4. 3 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Hedgecock with a jump, he’s inside Ballenger, but Ballenger powers away off 2. Battle for 4th is heated, now Greg Estes is around and 2 more cars collide with him. Caution here on lap 4.
Green flag back in the air, Ballenger powers away off 2 with the lead, Henderson in tow, now Hedgecock looking for room around Henderson, falls back in line. Leach and White the next 2, White now inside Leach for position, that’s a battle for 4th. Welshan now closing in on White as White falls back some from Leach, but now he closes back in on Leach and opens the gap up over Welshan, but caution is out as Cory Cate is around off turn 4. 8 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Ballenger powers away once again, Henderson now closing back on the spoiler of Ballenger with 10 laps now complete, as it’s soon to be a 4-way battle for the top spot. Henderson takes a peek inside on Ballenger, can’t make it happen this time, falls back in line. Henderson still stalking Ballenger, but now caution flies here in turn 2 as Layne Clifton is around. 14 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Ballenger still shows the way off 4, but major trouble now as Henderson now loses fluid going into turn 1, that’ll cause a huge mess with Leach, Hedgecock, White, Cardwell, and King all taking heavy damage with hard hits.

Time has expired, so we’ll have a green/white/checker finish here, green flag! Ballenger again with the run into 1, he’ll show the way off 2. Josh Henry in 2nd, Jason Manley in 3rd, here comes Heath Alvey, he’s looking inside, falls back in line. Checkers in the air, Ballenger takes the win over Henry and Manley.

Cautions: 6
Leaders: 29-Ballenger (1-17)



USCS 360 Outlaw Sprints (courtesy of USCS Racing)
Young gun Dalton Davis from Millington, Tenn. won the curfew-shortened United Sprint Car Series feature at 411 Motor Speedway Friday night.  The story line was set as drivers were prepared to make their move to the front. The weather was perfect but the local sheriff pulled the plug at lap 15 to end what was turning out to be an exciting race on the high banks of 411 speedway.

Davis survived two restarts and repeated challenges by defending series champion Tim “Crawdaddy” Crawley. Pole-sitter Anthony Nicholson held off a hard charging Derek Hagar for third while multi-time USCS champion Terry Gray came home in fifth.

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