Kevin Lewis captures first-ever feature win in Topless, Beeler shines in Limited

Another great night of racing is in the books at Tennessee’s Action Track, and the action was breathtaking in two divisions on a cool Saturday night! First on the track was the Mini Stock, where David Singleton, Tommy Metler, and Rocky McNabb were your top 3, all nose-to-tail on the final lap, but contact between McNabb and Metler would send Metler around into 3, allowing Singleton to skate away with the win. Next was Topless Modified, where Kevin Lewis would score his first-ever feature win. Classic was the next division, where Bart Baxter and Marvin Ray battled back and forth the final 10 laps side-by-side for the win, with Baxter coming out on top. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer and David Miley were the ones to fight for the lead early, but Comer would eventually pull away to claim the win. In Street Stock action, Dale Watson made his return to victory lane, and rounding out the night was the Limited Late Model, where Adam Beeler snatched the lead away early from Cory Hedgecock and never looked back.

Join us this Saturday night as we host Championship Points Race #4! All 7 divisions are on the card, however so far this year we haven’t had any cars show up in Junior Hornet except for the first night. So if you have a Junior Hornet, come on to the track and tell all your friends! The Mini Stock, Junior Hornet, Topless Modified, Classic, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, and Limited Late Model divisions are on the card.




Mini Stock
Sam Fox and David Singleton your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Singleton with the lead into 1, Fox battles back, side by side off 2. Tommy Metler in 3rd, behind them is the hornet’s nest. Fox and Singleton side by side with a lap complete, Fox and Metler side by side now as Singleton skirts away slightly, behind them Keith Sands holds off Rocky McNabb and Lee Merritt. Tim Oakes outside Jeff Thatcher, now Merritt goes around in turn 4, Oakes goes around to avoid. Caution is out, Gavin Murphy appears to have gotten damage as he’s stalled in 4. 3 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Singleton your leader, he powers off 4. Metler pulls beside him as he jumps the start, now Fox goes for a slide in 3 here on lap 4, he hangs on, but loses a position. Up front, Metler beside Singleton for the lead, powers inside into 3, side by side off 4. Sands sideways off 4, he gathers it back up, but now 5 laps complete and William Tallent goes around in 2.
Green flag back in the air, Singleton gets a good start off 4, Metler goes back to work, now McNabb is inside Fox, they get together, give Fox the 3rd spot. Metler now dives inside into 1 on Singleton, falls in line off 2. Now into 3, side by side off 4, throw a blanket over the top 3! McNabb closing in now to make it a 4-way battle for the lead, but don’t look now as Mike Townsend now joins in, top 5 are nose to tail! Singleton now gets some breathing room, but Sam Burgess slows, doesn’t pull off the track, he’ll roll to a stop and caution flies, 10 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton showing the way into 1. Metler looks to his inside, Fox is on their inside, they sort it out. McNabb now outside Fox for the position, 2 by 2 off 4! Now Tallent is around again off 2, caution flies here on lap 11.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton leads the parade into 1, Metler dives to his inside, now caution flies quickly as Anthony Dixon sends the Oakes for a loop in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Fox this time on the inside of Metler off 2, Metler gets the run off 2, but now Fox sends Metler on a loop in 4.

Green flag back in the air as we’ll try it again, single file this time. Singleton away with the lead into 1, Metler now under fire from McNabb, Metler peeks inside on Singleton, falls back in line. Into 1, side by side off 2, Metler dives inside into 3, McNabb wants to get around both of them as he’s looking for a groove that’ll support that. Townsend just behind the top 3 drivers a he’s trying to reel them back in, but caution flies in 2 here on lap 14 as Tallent and Fox are together.


Green flag back in the air, time has expired so it’ll be a green/white/checker finish here. Singleton powers off 4, he’s in command into 1. Metler peeks inside, McNabb with a run into 1, falls in line off 2. Off 4, white flag in the air, side by side for the win! McNabb now outside Metler, they make contact, Metler goes around into 3, but off 4, Singleton takes the win, McNabb comes home 2nd, 3rd goes to Townsend.

Cautions: 7
Leaders: 25-Singleton (1-6, 8-16); 44-Metler (7)



Topless Modified
Johnny Ridings and Kevin Lewis your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Lewis with the jump off 2, Ridings in 2nd, Shane Taylor splits William Hux and Tim Kilby down the middle, give Taylor the 3rd spot! William Hux in 4th with Eric Hux just behind with Kilby rounding out the field. Lewis drifts high into 2, Ridings closing the gap off 2 with 3 laps complete. Looks like several drivers have loose machines on their hands, but so far Lewis is holding the lead over Ridings and Taylor. Taylor closing the gap on Ridings now with 7 laps complete. Ridings gets a charge into 1, closes to the rear spoiler of Lewis. Now Lewis opens some breathing room over Ridings, with 10 laps complete. Lewis, Ridings, Taylor your top 3, then William Hux as he closes in. Lewis opens the gap up a little more as he hangs on to his loose ride. Ridings now closing back in on Lewis, he’ll have a bobble, loses some ground, but continues on. Taylor now closing on the bumper of Ridings as Ridings gets loose off 2, and Lewis opens the gap up a little more. 15 laps are now complete, William Hux working on closing the gap now as the top 4 are within striking distance. Ridings now looking for a way around Lewis, he’ll drop to the bottom in 3, falls in line. Now Ridings running down low in 3 and 4, closes to the bumper once again, but can’t complete a run to challenge for the win. 2 laps now remain as Lewis holds off the field. Ridings now with a bobble off 2, white flag in the air! Checkers on this one, Lewis takes the win over Ridings and Taylor.

Cautions: None
Leaders: K15-Lewis (1-20)




Bart Baxter and Marvin Ray your front row, they’re ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Ray with a run off 2, he’ll take the lead into 3. Shannon Reece on his rear bumper, but he’ll tag the wall off 4 and give up a position. Baxter in 2nd, Cameron Skinner in 3rd, Reece now 4th with Scott Lacy rounding out the field. Ray showing the way here with 3 laps complete, Baxter running the low line, gets a run off 4, falls back in line into 1. Skinner now with a run into 3 on Baxter’s outside, side by side off 4. Skinner now with the run off 2, he’ll claim 2nd and set his sights on Ray, put Baxter back to 3rd. Reece has hit the infield, but now Skinner goes around in 4, caution flies here on lap 5.


Green flag back in the air, Ray picks up where he left off, Baxter how on his heels, now Skinner bounces back, powers around Baxter to re-claim 3rd. Now sets his sights again on Ray for the lead with 8 laps complete. Now 9 laps on the board and Skinner goes around again battling Baxter for the 2nd spot.

Green flag back in the air, Ray shows the way off 2. Baxter now challenges for the lead, he’ll take it off 4. Ray up high, still side by side off 2. Baxter running the low line, gives Ray plenty of room to race as Skinner tries to close back up on those 2 as he feathers the throttle. Ray and Baxter still side by side for the lead here on lap 13. Off 2 this time Ray gets a slight run, but Baxter battles back in turn 3, still side by side. Now Skinner slows off 2, he’ll hit the infield as the top 2 continue to race door-to-door with 15 laps complete. This time off 4, Ray gets the advantage, now 3 laps remain and Baxter battles back to the inside for the lead. These guys are putting on a great show here as Baxter leads lap 18. White flag in the air, they’re still side by side for the win, but now into 1 Baxter has the advantage. Off 2, Ray gets a run, side by side into 3, off turn 4 side by side, Baxter edges Ray by a fender, Lacy rounds out the field.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 98-Ray (1-9, 12-13, 15-17); 7-Baxter (10-11, 14, 18-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and David Kerr your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Comer with the lead off 2, Kerr in 2nd with David Miley in 3rd. Kerr with a slide, now Wendell Williams is around in 4, collects Josh Vinyard, caution flies here with 0 laps complete, so we’ll have a complete restart.

Take 2, green flag in the air once again, Comer again with the jump off 2, with Kerr and Miley side by side for 2nd. Jeremy Howard holding off Steve Owens Jr as Comer pulls away. Miley has 2nd, Kerr in 3rd. Vinyard bouncing back now as he has made the pass on Tommy Huston and Darrin Busler, sets his sights on Williams with 5 complete. Miley closing in on Comer, now Miley with a bobble, so he’ll lose ground, but now caution flies here on lap 5 as Vinyard goes around, so it’ll be back to the drawing board for him.

Green flag back in the air, Comer powers off 4 and into 1, Miley gets the 2nd spot off 2, Kerr falls back in line, now Howard with a slide up high, he’ll hang on and doesn’t lose positions. Now Huston with a slide in 2, he’ll give up 2 spots as he now slows, and he’ll hit the infield. Miley now to the rear spoiler of Comer, looks inside into 1, side by side for a moment but falls back in line off 2. Now 10 laps are complete, and Comer has his work cut out for him, he’s got a mirror full of Miley, but now he opens the gap up slightly. Kerr a little way back in 3rd, and now Williams finds himself in 4th over Owens Jr., now Howard with another slide, hangs on. Now 14 laps complete, Comer still in control over Miley. 3 laps now remain as Comer maintains the lead over Miley. Miley now closing the gap with 2 laps remaining. White flag in the air, Miley has one more lap if he wants to take the win. Off 2, he’ll get a run, charges into 3, side by side off 4, but Comer takes the win! Miley comes home 2nd and 3rd goes to Kerr.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-20)





Street Stock
Dale Watson and Jonathan Sims your front row, ready to go, GREEN FLAG! Sims with the power off 2, he’s got the lead. Watson in 2nd as Dwayne Fox moves into 3rd. Now Sims slows, Jr Merriman goes around, fluid is on the track, caution flies here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, Watson with the pedal to the metal off 4, David Price and Fox are side by side as Price takes 2nd off 2, sets his sights on Watson. Price has ran 4 races and has finished 3rd all 4 times, looking to improve on that stat as 3 laps are complete. Watson your leader, Price in 2nd, now Fox claims 2nd into 3, but so far it’s all Watson. Adam Engel closing in on Price, but caution flies here on lap 4 as Dale Jackson spins in 2.


Green flag in the air, Watson powers away with the lead off 2, Fox in the 2nd spot, now Engel outside Price, give Engel the 3rd spot as he sets his sights on Fox. Watson showing the way with 7 laps complete. Fox still stalking Watson for the lead, as Price closes in on Engel, but caution flies as Jackson goes around in 4. 9 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air one more time, Watson still showing the way now as Fox and Engel make contact off 4, give Engel the 2nd spot. Watson your leader, then it’s Engel and Fox, as Merriman goes around Price, give 4th to Merriman. Now Fox off 4 looks inside Engel, completes the pass into 1, now Fox goes around in turn 3, caution here on lap 11.

Green flag back in the air, Watson and Engel drive away into 1. Price around Merriman for the 3rd spot as Watson pulls away. Engel in 2nd, Price in 3rd, now Fox inside Merriman, give Fox 4th, now he’ll set his sights on Price. Fox pulls inside on Price off 4 here on lap 14, give him 3rd as caution flies off 4 as Jackson is around.


Green flag back in the air one more time, Watson goes back to work as Fox tries to steal away 2nd, he’ll make contact with Engel into 1, but they all continue on. Fox gets sideways in 4, hangs on and continues on. Watson showing the way as Fox tries to reel him in, now Price peeks inside Engel, but caution flies for debris into 1, as Merriman slows. 16 laps complete.


Green flag in the air, Watson powers his way off 4 with a mirror full of Fox, Price looks inside on Engel as Lawson is around in 2, caution quickly flies.

Time limit has expired, so it’ll be a green white checker coming. Green flag! Watson leads into 1, Fox on his heels, Engel in 3rd with Price just behind him, now Fox gets a run, pulls to the bumper of Watson. White in the air, off 2, Fox tries to close in, off 4, he’ll pull inside, but it’ll be all Watson as he claims the win over Fox and Engel.

Cautions: 7
Leaders: 30-Sims (1); 11-Watson (2-18)





Limited Late Model
Rusty Ballenger and Cory Hedgecock your front row, ready to rock the crowd, here we go, it’s SHOWTIME! GREEN FLAG!! 3-wide for a moment into 1, as Hedgecock has the lead off 2. Ballenger in 2nd off 4, Adam Beeler down to his inside, falls back in line. Dan Tipton inside Jake Teague, as Raymond Shepard is around in 4, he’ll collect Cody Martin and Jason Cardwell. Maybe Brad Seagle also. Caution here on lap 2.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler gets a jump and he’ll be beside Hedgecock at the flagstand. Beeler and Hedgecock side by side as Jason Manley powers around Teague, now Hedgecock leans on Beeler as Beeler steals the lead off 2. Beeler the leader, Hedgecock in 2nd, Ballenger in 3rd, Trevor Sise and Matt Henderson the next 2 then Manley and Tipton, with Teague behind them. Now Sise off turn 4 will scrape the wall but in turn 4 caution flies as Scott Gardner is around, 6 laps complete.


Green flag back in the air, Beeler now in command as the field chases him into 1. Ballenger inside Hedgecock as Manley powers outside Cory Cate, now Ballenger has the 2nd spot as Sise and Hedgecock get together, that stacks up the field, everyone takes evasive action and continues on! Wow! Up front, Beeler has checked out ,Ballenger in 2nd, Hedgecock in the 3rd spot. Now Manley looking inside Henderson into 3, as Tipton moves into the 4th spot around Sise. Manley and Henderson are side by side, off 4 give Manley the 6th spot. Manley now closes in on Sise as Hedgecock closes in on Ballenger to try to reclaim the 2nd spot, but caution flies here on lap 13 as Teague slows into 1.


Green flag back in the air, Beeler stands on it off 4, now Tipton and Manley make contact, Manley makes contact with Tipton, tire goes down on Tipton’s machine, may be some fireworks later as a result of that, but up front, Beeler your leader, Ballenger in 2nd, then it’s Hedgecock and Manley, with Henderson looking on. 3-wide off 4 as Cate, Jake Henry, and Seagle were 3 wide, now Manley powers around Hedgecock, give Manley the 3rd spot as he sets his sights on Ballenger. Beeler has flat checked out in this one, certainly the class of the field at this point, a full straightaway lead over Ballenger right now with 9 remaining. Manley closing in on Ballenger, Ballenger running low, Manley running lower, Manley inside Ballenger, side by side off 2. Manley down low in 3, give Manley the 2nd spot, but he will need a caution to catch Beeler with 6 remaining. Beeler trying to work lap traffic, he’ll make contact with a lapper, he’ll get sideway, he hangs on to his machine, he had a comfortable lead, and he’ll take the win over Manley and Ballenger!

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-2); 66-Beeler (3-30)

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