Attention All Drivers: Safety Inspections Coming

The next few weeks, all classes must go through a SAFETY INSPECTION before you will be allowed on the track for hotlaps, qualifying, or racing. All safety components will be inspected, especially painted driveshafts and lead weights. It might be wise to bring a can of white paint with you. If they’re dirty and can’t be seen, they need to be repainted. Also, you’ll need to bring your helmet, driver suit, shoes, gloves, and raceceiver for inspection. Seat belts are a maximum of 3 years old. Driveshaft loops, battery boxes, and fuel cells will be checked for proper installation, along with any other safety rules. This week, if you don’t have a WORKING raceceiver, you will NOT be allowed to race. You will be asked to respond while on the track and if you don’t have one, you will be removed from the track. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Make plans to get there early enough to be inspected. Race cars will be inspected and MUST pass before you’re allowed on the track.

So go ahead and prepare yourselves and everything will be ok. I’m giving you a heads up now so there is no reason you shouldn’t pass. This is your safety and the safety of others. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dates of inspections:
April 27th: Limited Late Model and Topless Modified
May 11th: Thunder & Lightning and Street Stock
May 18th: Classic, Mini Stock, and Junior Hornets

Thank you for your time and cooperation, and we’ll see you early on these dates!
Joe Byrd
Technical Inspector
411 Motor Speedway

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