Ballenger wins as sparks fly in Limited Lates; Ridings victorious in Topless

This past Saturday night was a mixed bag of excitement at Tennessee’s Action Track! 22 cars would sign into the Mini Stock division, and all 22 would start the feature. Amazingly, they would go all 20 laps caution-free with Rocky McNabb taking the win! Next was the Topless Modified division, where fireworks would fly off turn 2 on lap 17 when Eric Hux and Tim Weaver got together, ending both their nights, handing the lead to Johnny Ridings. He would hang on with two front broken shocks to take the win. Next was the Classic, where Scott Lacy would take the win. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer was showing the way — and showing smoke — until officials issued the black flag for oil, handing the lead over to David Miley. He’d cruise to the win. The next feature was the Street Stock division, where Dwayne Fox would take the checkers. The final feature of the night would prove to be a fan favorite as fireworks flew early and often, including tempers! Rusty Ballenger would set fast time with a lap of 13.892 in qualifying. Things would get off to a bumpy start as the first caution flew with Ryan King going around after slight contact from Greg Martin. King would look for a way through the field disagreeing with the call. King would be running 3rd when perhaps the most controversial caution — the 5th of the night — flew on lap 12 when Jason Cardwell would look for his way around a lap car, when Ballenger would drive deep into turn 3 and make heavy contact with Cardwell. Cardwell would retire for the night with suspension damage, and Ballenger would hit the hot pits for a tire change. This handed the lead over to King. By lap 25, the 10th caution of the night would fly when Keith Gregory would drop fluid heading up high into turn 3. King would show the way with the caution displayed, but would run into the fluid and spin out, cutting a left-rear tire when he bounced off the wall. He would again re-join the field at the rear, and blast his way up close to the front when the final caution of the night flew on lap 29. Many fans were puzzled with this caution, as Layne Clifton would show the way into turn 1 as the leader, but drove too deep and would pound the outside wall. Ballenger would take the low side but he would also go around. Many fans thought this would hand the lead over to King, but caution was thrown for Clifton, giving Ballenger a mulligan. Ballenger would hold off King over the final restart to take the win.

Coming up next week is a DOUBLE points night for the competitors! Be sure to join us for another great night of action-packed excitement under the lights at the 411 Motor Speedway! Same time, same classes, same place! See you all on Saturday!




Mini Stock
Rocky McNabb and Sam Fox are ready to roll, first feature of the night is GREEN! McNabb off turn 2 with the lead, Tommy Metler in 3rd as action is all over the speedway. Alex Squires in the 3rd spot as Fox challenges back to his inside with William Tallent and Metler in tow. Merritt working his way through the field a little after a heat race incident. Up front, McNabb showing the way as he’s got lap traffic in his windshield, he’s got about a quarter straightaway ahead of David Singleton. Squires still holding onto 3rd with 6 laps complete. Slower cars all over the place now as the leaders have to take evasive action. Up front, it’s all McNabb with 10 laps complete. Singleton in 2nd with Squires still hanging onto 3rd. Now Gavin Murphy and Lee Merritt seem to make contact, but all will continue, but Murphy now pulls into the infield. McNabb now with a straightaway lead over Singleton. I can’t even begin to explain the action as I can’t cover it all, as cars are everywhere! Up front, McNabb closing in on Merritt to put a lap on him as Jeff Thatcher slows off 2, he’s got a flat tire, tough break for him. Metler closes in on Tallent as the leaders are running the high groove. Checkers in the air on this one, McNabb blisters the field in this one, 2nd goes to Singleton with 3rd going to Fox.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 51-McNabb (1-20)




Topless Modified
William Hux and Eric Hux lead the field to green, GREEN FLAG! Tim Weaver drifts up the track in 2, almost makes contact with Johnny Ridings, but we’ll all continue. Now Ridings goes to work on Weaver, he wants the 3rd spot, drives hard into 3, side by side off 4! Still side by side off 2 as Ridings gets a run off 2, he’ll chase down William Hux for 2nd! Now he’ll go for a slide into 1, hangs on and doesn’t lose much ground as Eric Hux has checked out. Ridings closing in on William Hux, to his spoiler into 1 with 5 complete. Ridings looks outside into 3, gets a run off 4, now off 2 tries to peek inside, falls in line. Caution in the air for debris here on lap 7.

Green flag back in the air as there’s a fast pace, green flag! William Hux gets a bad restart, now Ridings finds himself in the 2nd spot. William now under fire from Weaver, now Kevin Lewis looks to his inside, falls back in line with Fox and Shane Taylor rounding out the field. Up front it’s Eric Hux, Ridings, and Weaver. William Hux closing back in on Weaver, now Ridings with a bobble in 3, looks like he has something broke on his machine, the handle has gone away on his machine, now William Hux peeks to his inside, steals away the spot for a moment, but Fox tries to pull off the speedway but can’t make it. Caution here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Weaver tries to pull inside on Eric Hux, falls in line off 2 as Ridings handles the 3rd spot, now he’s in the middle 3 wide with Lewis on his inside, they sort it out as Ridings hangs onto 3rd. He sets his sights on Weaver, but now William Hux looks inside into 3, side by side off 4 for a moment, now Ridings pulls away. Weaver reeling in Eric Hux as they both have driven away from Ridings with 15 laps complete. William with a power move off 2, now up front Eric Hux gets sideways, Weaver steals the lead, now Eric Hux pulls inside, off turn 2 it appears he turns right and drills Weaver. Weaver VERY upset, looks like something may have broken on Eric Hux’s machine. Caution here on lap 17. Both drivers are disqualified for exiting their cars.


Green/white/checker coming, green in the air, Ridings showing the way off turn 4! Ridings off 2 will pull away slightly over William Hux as they’re now side by side off 4, white flag in the air. Side by side off 2, William Hux peeks inside, they almost touch, Ridings takes the win! William Hux comes home 2nd and 3rd goes to Lewis!

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 11-Hux (1-16); 7-Weaver (17); 31-Ridings (18-20)




Robbie Sands and Marvin Ray side by side, Green flag! Sands quickly with the lead off 2 with Ray in 2nd. Scott Lacy in 3rd with Shannon Reece and Shane Lockhart side by side, they’ll make contact on the frontstretch. Both cars will not continue. Caution here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, Sands picks up where he left off. Ray in 2nd, Lacy in 3rd with Richard Bell rounding out the field with 2 laps complete now. Now Ray slows off 2 here on lap 5, he’ll pull into the infield. Sands the leader, a long way back to Lacy, and a little way back to Bell with 6 complete. Now Sands with an apparent problem, he’s lost power, Lacy now in the lead with 7 complete. Checkers in this one, Lacy takes the win over Bell.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 17-Sands (1-6); 24-Lacy (7-20)





Thunder & Lightning
Robbie Comer and Dalton King your front row, green flag! Comer showing smoke here on the start, but he’s pulling away. Looks like a tire rub, caution flies as David Kerr is around in 3. Caution with 4 laps complete.

Green flag in the air, they’ll make a lap or so but caution flies here as Tony Lindsey and Tom Larcher get together.

Green flag back in the air with David Miley up front. Warren McMahan in 2nd, Steve Owens in 3rd. Kerr now looking for room around Owens, as King joins the fray, King looks inside on Kerr with 12 laps complete as the scoreboard has been fixed. Miley has over a straightaway lead over McMahan. Checkers in the air, Miley takes the win over McMahan and Kerr.

Cautions: 2
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-5); 71-Miley (6-20)





Street Stock
Dwayne Fox and Adam Engel your front row, green flag in the air! Engel pulls to his inside, leans on him a little, falls in line off 2. Greg Humphrey and David Price the next 2 as they chase down Engel. Daniel Lawson and Mark Mincey are the next 2 as everyone gets some breathing room on one another. Fox out front, Engel in 2nd with Humphrey in the 3rd spot. Mincey closing in on Lawson for the 5th spot with 7 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Fox picks up where he left off as he pulls away from Engel off 2. Price looks inside Humphrey for the 3rd spot as Mincey gets sideways in 4, he’ll gather it back up after losing 2 spots and go back to work. Up front it’s Fox, followed by Engel about 5 car lengths behind, then it’s the Humphrey and Price battle with 10 laps complete. Price looks inside on Humphrey now with 15 laps complete, as Fox and Engel have opened up a big gap. Checkers on this one, Fox takes the win over Humphrey and Price.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 27-Fox (1-20)





Limited Late Model
Rusty Ballenger and Jason Cardwell ready to roll, it’s SHOWTIME! GREEN FLAG! Cardwell with the jump off 2, Ballenger in tow with Ryan King looking inside on Greg Martin, side by side into 1. Martin now gets a piece of King, around goes King, caution called on King.

Green flag back in the air, Cardwell up front off 2, Ballenger in 2nd with Martin in 3rd. Trevor Sise in 4th. Toward the back, King working his way up through the field, he’s a man on a mission here with 5 laps complete. Cardwell up front, Ballenger in 2nd as Sise and Martin make contact, Sise is around in 4, caution here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, Cardwell showing the way off 2 but caution flies as BJ Morris goes around, Jerry Williams has nowhere to go and makes contact. Still lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, this time Danny Yoder gets sideways in 2, he’ll gather it up and we’ll stay green. Up front, Cardwell the leader, but now debris is scattered in turn 1, caution flies, still lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, King goes 3 wide with Greg Estes and Layne Clifton into 1, King picks off Estes as Sise slows in 4. He’ll make it off the speedway and we’ll stay green. Cardwell your leader, Ballenger in 2nd, Martin in 3rd but he has company, King is coming, he’s around Clifton, he powers inside on Martin into 3, side by side into turn 1 with 11 laps complete. Ballenger closing in on Cardwell, now King pulls inside Martin as Cardwell has trouble with a lapper, Ballenger into turn 3, he’ll make contact with Cardwell, Cardwell with a ton of damage, Ballenger also with damage. Fireworks are flying here tonight for sure! 12 laps complete. This will hand the lead over to King.

Green flag back in the air with King showing the way, but caution flies as Williams is around in 2. Still 12 laps complete.

Green flag in the air, we’ll try it again, King powers away with the lead, now Raymond Shepard pulls inside Estes for the 3rd spot, now Ballenger looking for room around him, he’ll look inside off 2, falls back in line. King pulling away over Clifton and Estes, now Ballenger powers around Shepard off 2, give Ballenger 4th! Caution flies though here on lap 15 as Brandon Gardner is around in 4.

Green flag in the air once more, King still showing the way, now Ballenger goes around off turn 2 from the front bumper of Yoder. Ballenger will retain his position. 15 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, still looking for the checkers in this one. King showing the way, Clifton in 2nd with Estes in 3rd. Ballenger in the 4th spot, now he looks inside Estes for position as Shepard is around in 2, collects Yoder.

Green flag in the air, King out front, Clifton the 2nd spot with a mirror full of Ballenger. Ballenger with front end damage, now Clifton drifts up into 3, give Ballenger the 2nd spot, but Clifton fights back. They’re still battling here with 22 laps complete. Now with 25 laps complete, caution flies as Keith Gregory loses fluid into 3. Now King gets in the fluid, he’ll spin into the outside wall in 3, he’ll head to the pit area for a tire change. 25 laps complete!

Green flag back in the air, Ballenger your leader, Clifton in 2nd, Shepard is 3rd with Estes 4th, now King closes back in, he pulls around Shepard, looks inside Estes, sets his sights on the top 2. Clifton now with the lead off turn 4, Ballenger falling behind, white flag in the air, now Clifton goes high into turn 1, he’ll hit the wall, around goes Ballenger, caution flies once again! Caution was called on Clifton, so Ballenger will get re-assume the lead.

Green flag back in the air, King goes back to work, he’s been to the back twice tonight, he’ll have two more laps to seal the deal. Ballenger the leader, King tries to get a run off turn 2, drives deep into 3, can’t make it happen, and Ballenger takes the win over King and Estes.

Cautions: 11
Leaders: 07-Cardwell (1-12); 30-King (13-25); 29-Ballenger (26, 30); 23-Clifton (27-29)




Sponsors of 411 Motor Speedway include Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, Exxon, White & White Attorney at Law, Realty Executives Advantage – Wanda Hendryx, The Tax Man.

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411 Motor Speedway is located on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in beautiful Seymour, TN. Located only a few minutes from Downtown Knoxville, there’s no other reason not to spend your Saturday night at the track that lives up to it’s name, “Tennessee’s Action Track.” For more information on the divisions, rules, times, or to get directions or any other information, simply visit

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