Cardwell steals ’13 regular season opener while Engel’s hopes crashed

It was a very exciting night at Tennessee’s Action Track, as track officials raced the program along in order to beat the incoming weather. Despite their best efforts, the program was cut short, but only the final feature of the night was affected. Kicking off the night was the Mini Stock division, with David Singleton taking the win. The 2nd feature of the night would have been the Junior Hornet division, however only 1 driver made it to the track. The next feature was the Topless Modified, where Eric Hux took the win. Next was Classic, where the unofficial spokesman of the division came home with the win. Thunder & Lightning was up next, with reigning champion Robbie Comer showing the way when his engine would expire on lap 6, handing the win over to David Miley. Next was the Street Stock, where Adam Engel, in only his 2nd Street Stock feature, showed the way on lap 17 until contact into turn 3 from 2nd-place Jon Cook dashed both driver’s chances, handing the win over to Chuck Johnson. The final feature of the night was the Limited Late Model division. They would have some trouble settling down and getting going, but once they did, the action was fast & furious. In qualifying, Adam Beeler set the fast time at 13.559, which just happened to be a shade quicker than the previous Limited Late Model divisional record he set on September 29th, 2012, when he lowered the time to 16.625. Beeler would show the way, early, but on lap 16, off turn 2, the engine in his machine would grenade. Jason Cardwell was in the 2nd spot. With rain on the way, track officials quickly worked to throw dirt on the oil to attempt to get the program back underway, when the skies opened up under the caution, ending the program for the night.

Join us next Saturday night for another great night of racing excitement as we kick off the 2013 points racing season! You’ll see action in all 7 classes!







Mini Stock
Rocky McNabb and David Singleton your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Singleton with the lead, but McNabb drops fluid into 1, caution flies, complete restart coming. Several cars spun in the fluid but all are OK and will continue with minimal to no damage. McNabb hits the pits to get a new fuel lid, he’ll restart on the tail.

Green flag in the air, Tommy Metler now the inside front row driver! Singleton with the lead into 1, Alex Squires gets sideways, hangs onto his machine, Metler in the 2nd spot. William Tallent in 3rd with a hornets nest just behind, but in 2 Tallent goes around, caution is out.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton and Metler get the jump into 1, Squires in the 3rd spot with Robert Burris in 4th and Mike Townsend in 5th, but caution flies as the Josh Ellis machine may have had help as he got sideways in 4, collects James Mitchell. Caution car will be Keith Sands.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton with the lead into 1, Metler in 2nd with Squires in 3rd, McNabb making a rebound as he’s inside Lee Merritt for the 6th spot. Townsend now looking for room around Burris. McNabb and Merritt are side by side off 2, into 3 and off 4 still battling. Now Metler closes in on Singleton for the lead, now looks inside off 4, falls in line. McNabb still working on Merritt, as Singleton opens some breathing room with the lead, 6 laps complete. Metler still hounding Singleton for the race lead, as Townsend still looking for room inside Burris, now McNabb looks inside to make it 3-wide into 3, Townsend gives up the spot, move him back 2 spots. Now into 1, McNabb with a run, powers inside Merritt, peeks inside Burris off 4 but caution is out as Clifford Sands is stalled off 2.

Green flag back in the air, Singleton with the lead off 2, now McNabb peeks inside Burris off 2, side by side off 4. Tallent goes up several lanes and slams into Townsend, Keith Sands slowed off 2 with heavy damage, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, green white checker as time has expired. Metler dives into 1 on the inside for the lead, side by side off 2. Dogfight here as the white flies, but off 4 Metler slows slightly, now Squires gives him a shove into 1, Burris looks inside, off 4 Singleton takes the win over Metler and Squires!

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 25-Singleton (1-13)


Topless Modified
Eric Hux and Kevin Lewis your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Eric Hux with the jump off 2, Lewis and Jerry Hux side by side as Johnny Ridings looks to make his move. Jerry Hux with a slide job into 1, steals away 2nd. Off 4, Ridings powers inside on Lewis as he chases down Jerry Hux. Eric Hux stretching his lead now as he won the heat race by over a full straightaway, working on making it just as big here in the feature. Ridings wrestling his machine in turn 4, trying to chase down Jerry Hux for the 2nd spot. Shane Taylor now feels the pressure from William Hux with 6 laps complete. Ridings reeling in Jerry Hux for the 2nd spot, the gap now down to 2 car lengths as both drivers begin closing in on Eric Hux. Now halfway home in this feature, as Ridings continues to try to chase down Jerry Hux for the 2nd spot as Eric Hux maintains his lead, now it’s about 8 car lengths. Jerry Hux now begins to pull away from Ridings as Jerry Hux powers to the rear bumper of Eric Hux, now he’ll pull inside as Ridings closes in. 5 laps remain in this one, throw a blanket over the top 3! Ridings looking for room around Jerry Hux, Jerry Hux with a bobble, Ridings can’t capitalize this time as Jerry Hux pulls away. Jerry Hux now on the inside of Eric Hux for the 1st spot, Jerry Hux with a bobble and gets sideways. White flag in the air. Eric Hux trying to seal the deal, he’ll do so off 4, Jerry Hux in 2nd, and Ridings takes 3rd. After the feature, the top 3 cars were pulled aside, where the machine of Jerry Hux was found to be outside the rules and was disqualified, handing the 2nd place spot to Johnny Ridings with 3rd now going to Lewis.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 11-Hux (1-20)

Shannon Reece and Marvin Ray showing the way, green flag into 1! Ray with the jump off turn 4 with the lead, Reece goes back to the 2nd spot with Scott Lacy rounding out the field. Reece now inside for the lead into 1, can’t make it stick, so he’ll fall about 6 car lengths off the lead into 3. Reece now reels in the Ray machine but now Reece goes around in 2. Caution flies here on lap 5.

Green flag back in the air, Ray showing the way off 2 with a mirror chocked full of Reece as they play bumper tag into 3. Halfway home in this one, Ray the leader, Reece tries to lay a bumper to Ray, he’ll wash up the track and into the loose stuff, manages to keep it off the wall so he’ll go back to work to reel in Ray with 12 laps complete. Off turn 4, checkers in the air, Ray with the win, Reece takes home 2nd, and 3rd goes to Lacy!

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 68-Reece (1-20)

Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Robbie Comer your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Comer with the jump off 2, but Steve Owens quickly goes around in 2. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, we’ll try again! Comer again with the jump off 2, but Miley isn’t far behind as he stays glued, now David Clark goes hot into turn 3, he’ll bounce off the wall, spins off 4, caution. Complete restart coming.

Green flag back in the air, Comer again with the jump as we’ll get a lap complete this time. Miley in 2nd, Clark in the 3rd spot with Rocky Ogle looking to his inside. Miley closing in on Comer for the lead, 3 laps now complete. Miley peeks a nose inside, falls back in line. David Kerr now closing in on Clark for the 4th spot, but Clark hangs on. Comer your leader, Miley in 2nd, 3rd is Ogle, now Kerr gets sideways in 2, now Comer has lost an engine, that machine is on fire. Fire is out and the driver is ok. Tough break for Comer.

Green flag back in the air, Miley off 4 with the lead. Ogle in the 2nd spot, Clark in 3rd, as Kerr and Robert Wollard battle side by side. Kerr with the 4th spot now as Miley shows the way, but Tom Larcher spins off 2. Caution here on lap 9.

Green flag back in the air once more, as Miley shows the way off 2. Kerr now trying to close in on Clark as Owens Jr is reeling both drivers in. Kerr now inside Clark for the 3rd spot off 4, but caution flies as Landon Williamson is around off 2. 11 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Miley with the jump off 2, Ogle in the 2nd spot, but Kerr goes back to work on Clark for the 3rd spot with 3 laps remaining now. Off turn 4, checkers in the air, Miley takes the win, Ogle comes home in 2nd, and 3rd will go to Clark.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-6), 71-Miley (7-20)

Street Stock
Adam Engel and Chuck Johnson your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Engel with the lead off 2, Johnson in 2nd, Tracy Wolfe in the 3rd spot. Jon Cook looks inside David Price for the position, but so far it’s all Engel showing the way. Johnson in the 2nd spot as Wolfe is all over his rear bumper, Cook in the 4th spot as he chases down Wolfe. Now Wolfe and Johnson almost make contact, they don’t so we’ll stay green. Engel still up front, has a comfortable gap back to Johnson with 5 laps complete. Cook peeking inside Wolfe off 2, pulls inside into 3, give Cook the 3rd spot as he sets his sights on Johnson. Off 4, lap 7, side by side for 2nd. Off 2, Johnson and Cook side by side, into 3 give 2nd to Cook. Now he’ll set his sights on Engel. Cook slowly reeling in Engel, 11 laps complete. Cook now inside for the lead, falls back in line. Cook and Engel side by side into 3, Engel with the run off 4. Engel gets a run off 2, opens a car length lead over Cook, now Cook goes back to work and pulls inside Engel for the lead off 2. Back inside off 4, he’ll get sideways, and Engel will open an advantage now with 4 laps remaining. Engel looking stellar here in his 2nd feature event in the Street Stock division. Cook now reels in Engel, contact is made, Engel makes contact with the wall. Caution out here on lap 17.

Green flag back in the air, Johnson powers off turn 4 with a mirror full of Wolfe as Engel rejoins the field. Wolfe now makes slight contact with Johnson, now he’ll power inside for the lead! Side by side off 4, white flag in the air! Wolfe takes a slide, he’ll lose ground, off 4 checkers in the air, Johnson takes the win, Wolfe in 2nd and Price takes 3rd.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 28-Engel (1-17), 17-Johnson (18-20)

Limited Late Model
Adam Beeler and Cory Hedgecock your front row, they’re ready, we’re ready, off turn 4, GREEN FLAG IN THE AIR! Beeler with a slide into 1, takes the lead but now Brad Seagle and Raymond Shepard are around in 1, caution flies. No laps, so complete restart.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler with the jump off 2, but now Dan Tipton sends Trevor Sise around. Still no laps so we’ll have another complete restart.

Green flag back in the air, 3rd time has to be a charm! Hedgecock outside, Beeler slides into him off 2, give Beeler the lead into 3. Hedgecock in 3rd but caution flies as Keith Gregory and Shepard are around off 2. 1 lap in the books!

Green flag back in the air, Beeler powers off turn 4 from the point, but the whole field is chasing him down. Jason Cardwell down low, but Hedgecock powers around his outside off 2. Hedgecock moves back into 2nd, Cardwell in 3rd with Jason Manley and Tipton rounding out the top 5 but 5th is hotly contested. Rusty Ballenger, Sise, and Ryan King are all close, with Matt Henderson just behind, but into 3 Danny Yoder slows, caution flies here on lap 4 as Gregory pounds the outside wall on the frontstretch. Not sure what happened but Gregory is ok.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler off 4 powers away, but caution flies as Hunter Best and Dalton King are around in 1.

Green flag back in the air, Beeler leads the way into 1 and off 2 Cardwell steals away 2nd spot from Hedgecock. Manley in 4th with Ballenger in 5th. Ryan King now inside Tipton with Sise just behind him. Shepard working on Layne Clifton for the position toward the back of the pack as Sise pulls inside on Ryan King, but falls back in line. Up front, Beeler pulling away over Cardwell and Hedgecock. Tipton is closing in on Ballenger for the 5th spot with 10 laps complete. Beeler now working through lap traffic as he has a half straightaway lead over Cardwell. 15 laps now in the books, Beeler still out front as he closes in on some good cars to put a lap on, but now he’s up in smoke, he’ll stall in 4, caution flies here on lap 16. The caution came at a good time, as just a few moments after the caution flew, rain would begin to fall, ending the feature. Cardwell would take the win over Hedgecock and Manley.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 66-Beeler (1-16)

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