Scott Sexton protege shines in thrilling Sweetheart 52 victory

A great afternoon of racing action is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway! The track surface was as best as it’s been, the proof was seen as all the cars that left tier parking were covered in mud! There were a couple scary incidents, as the Topless #Y3 machine driven by Jimmy York would get on two wheels in the middle of 3 and 4 and land hard on the driver side during his heat race. He was ok. Later in the night during the feature for Street Stock, Shannon Emery would go for a wild ride in the #69 machine as he would barrel roll at least 5 times. He would be ok. In Mini Stock, Rocky McNabb would be the winner. In Topless Modified, it was all Eric Hux. Next was Classic where it was anybody’s race as Bobby Pressley prevailed. In Thunder & Lightning, Apaches Quinton held off a hard charge from Landon Williamson. Next in Street Stock, Scott Atkins crossed the line first, but was found to have illegal suspension components, handing the win to JJ Green. Closing the night out was the Sweetheart 52 where Ryan King and Adam Beeler raced tooth-and-nail to the checkers, by Ryan King would take the victory.

Next up on the schedule is 2 open practice sessions on March 2nd and March 16th, just ahead of the 2013 season opener on March 30th, the 2nd Annual Peter Cottontail 50! Make your plans now to join us this season for great racing action every Saturday night.




Mini Stock
Shane Taylor and Nick Perry lead the field off 4, GREEN FLAG! Four wide into the first turn, action is fast and furious as now Brad Cross goes around off 4, possibly with help, and caution flies. Lee Merritt has damage and pulls off. Merritt will return to the speedway just before green. No laps were completed.

Taylor and Perry re-assume the front row with the complete restart, green flag! Perry with a great jump into 1, now William Tallent powers inside Perry for the lead into 3, Taylor around Perry, now Rocky McNabb to his inside, Perry slows somewhat off 2. Tallent your leader, Taylor in 2nd, McNabb in 3rd. Taylor reeling in your race leader as Tallent continues to hold the point. 5 laps in the books, McNabb and Taylor begin to close in as Perry stalls in 2, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, Tallent your leader off 2, Taylor in 2nd with McNabb powering back inside David Singleton to claim 3rd. Cross looks inside Singleton off 2, falls in line. Gavin Murphy and Merritt are side by side into 3 for position just behind them. Taylor closing in on Tallent looking for room around, can’t find a way around yet as McNabb reels them both in. Now Cross challenges Singleton once again but just behind them is a dogfight for the 6th spot, but now trouble here on lap 10 as it appears Merritt and Cross have come together again in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Tallent picks up where he left off, Taylor back into the 2nd spot with McNabb in 3rd. Delaware Double File restarts are utilized here at 411 this season and the 2nd place car can choose inside or outside, and Taylor chose the high side and so far it’s worked for him. Murphy now up to the 4th spot, McNabb moves inside on Taylor, falls back in line with 13 laps complete. Now Singleton goes for a slide in 2, bounces off the wall, he’ll call it a day. Up front, McNabb pulls inside, has a bobble, falls back in line. Tallent your leader with 5 to go. McNabb now powers inside off 2 for the 2nd spot, side by side into 3 and off 4, but Taylor has a little more power center off. Both drivers closing in on Tallent now with 3 to go. McNabb blisters around Taylor, pulls to the bumper of Tallent, makes a power move and slides into the lead off 4 with 2 to go! Tallent pulls inside to challenge for the lead, Merritt now inside Taylor for 3rd, up front white flag flies. McNabb off 2, pulls away from Tallent, checkers, top 3 is McNabb, Tallent, and Merritt. Merritt would refuse to pull his valve cover, resulting in a disqualification. That moved Taylor to the 3rd spot, who would also refuse, handing Keith Sands the 3rd spot.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 18-Tallent (1-17); 51-McNabb (18-20)
Top 3 Finishers: 51-Rocky McNabb; 18-William Tallent; 99-Keith Sands

Topless Modified
Eric Hux and Jerry Hux your front row, green flag! Jerry Hux steals the lead off 2, Eric Hux in the 2nd spot, Blake Kelley in 3rd with William Hux 4th. Eric Hux sets up a move, pulls inside on Jerry Hux into 3. Still side by side off 2, Jerry Hux holds the top spot for now. Still a battle for the lead up front as William Hux powers around Kelley for 3rd, now Kelley challenges back inside, but William Hux pulls away here on lap 5. Jerry Hux your leader, still has a mirror chocked full of Eric Hux with William Hux a half straightaway behind, but now Kelley slams the wall in 2, caution flies here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, 4 cars remain on the track. Eric Hux dives inside Jerry Hux for the lead, can’t make it happen and falls back in line. Jerry Hux picking up where he left off as he leads here with 9 laps complete, but Eric Hux still hanging tough, now side by side off 2. Into 3, they stay side by side and off 4 it remains the same, now Eric Hux gets the advantage off 2 with Jerry Hux in the 2nd spot. William Hux in 3rd with Brian Hooks rounding out the field. Checkers in the air on this one, Eric Hux takes the win, Jerry Hux, and William Hux your top 3.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 01-Jerry Hux (1-10); 11-Eric Hux (11-20)
Top 3 Finishers: 11-Eric Hux; 01-Jerry Hux; 51-William Hux

Scott Lacy and John Stevens your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Stevens with the early jump into the lead off 2, Lacy in 2nd, Bobby Pressley down low looking for 2nd as Stevens spins off turn 4 in the race lead, caution flies with 1 lap complete.

Green flag back in the air, Lacy off 2 with the lead, now Pressley pulls inside into 3, falls back in line off 4. Philip Thompson just behind Pressley as Stevens tries to reel in the top 3. Pressley looking inside for the lead off 4, side by side into 1, Thompson makes it a 3-way battle, now Thompson powers around Lacy, sets his sights on new race leader Pressley. Stevens now closing in on Lacy, looking to battle for the 3rd spot with 6 laps complete. Thompson goes high in 2, loses ground on Pressley. Stevens looking to challenge Lacy once again with 8 laps down. Pressley showing the way but now Thompson and Pressley make heavy contact, but now Thompson stalls in 1 as a result of damage sustained.

Green flag back in the air, Lacy your race leader, now Pressley looks to challenge for the lead, looks inside off 4 with Stevens just behind them. Halfway in this one. Caution flies here on lap 11 as Stevens goes around off 2.

Green flag in the air one more time, this time Pressley challenges inside into turn 3 for the lead, side by side off 4 with Stevens glued to their bumpers off 2! 3-way battle for the lead here as lap 13 clicks off. Now contact off 2 and Stevens goes around. Lap 13.

Green flag back in the air, Lacy off 4 with the lead, Stevens glued to his bumper as Pressley powers around Stevens off 2, give Pressley the 2nd spot as he chases Lacy for the race lead. Stevens sounds like he’s lost a cylinder as he’ll pull off the speedway. Side by side for the lead off 4 as they make slight contact with 4 laps to go. Lacy off 4, clicks off lap 17 as he tries to hold off Pressley. Pressley inside for the lead with 2 to go. Pressley leans on Lacy, Pressley has the lead and takes the win, Lacy gets 2nd.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 24-Lacy (1-3, 10-18); 17-Thompson (9); 07-Pressley (19-20)
Top 3 Finishers: 07-Bobby Pressley; 24-Scott Lacy; 7-John Stevens

Thunder & Lightning
Green flag in the air, Apaches Quinton quickly to the lead over Jonathan Sims, Steve Owens Jr, and Landon Williamson. Owens into the infield early as we now have 7 laps complete. Williamson challenging Sims for the 2nd spot, Sims slows down the backstretch, but it’s all Quinton right now. Quinton your leader, now Williamson closing in with 7 laps remaining, now side by side into 1 for the lead. 5 laps remaining and it’s still anybody’s race as only 2 cars remain on the track. Checkers in the air, Quinton takes the win over Williamson.

Cautions: None
Leaders: 21-Quinton (1-20)
Top 3 Finishers: 21-Apaches Quinton; 47-Landon Williamson; 26-Jonathan Sims

Street Stock
Daniel Reese and Scott Atkins your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Reese quickly to the point off 2, Atkins in 2nd, Adam Engel now in 3rd with JJ Green just behind him as Jon Cook looks for room inside, has to fall back in line, now Reese slows a little off 2, Atkins takes the lead as business is picking up fast. Engel in 3rd, Shannon Emery and Green are side by side for 4th, but they’re all chasing Atkins with 3 laps complete. Now Cook slows off 2, Engel looking for room around Reese, now Green pulls outside as Cook makes it to the infield. Engel and Green still side by side as Emery pulls inside as they sort things out. Green now in 3rd, Engel in 4th, Emery to his inside into 3. Atkins still showing the way, Reese in 2nd, pulls inside into 2, they make contact off 2, Reese gets a piece of the wall, now Emery finds himself in 2nd, pulls inside on Atkins for the lead off 2. Reese in 3rd, Green and Engel your next 2 with 8 laps complete. Emery inside Atkins, he’ll lead lap 10. Emery can’t clear Atkins off 2, powers down low and completes the pass off 4. Green now lays on Reese as Anthony Singleton shows smoke, he’s dropped fluid, and caution flies for fluid, but now as we look to turn 4 we see Emery barrel rolling violently, lands on his top several times, and ultimately lands on the roof. Track officials quickly get him out and it appears as though he will be fine, but certainly a wild ride. Caution here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, but as quick as we go, Engel goes around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Atkins your leader, Green in 2nd, Reese in 3rd. Time shortens this even to 15 laps, so white flag flies. Atkins a lap from victory! Checkers in the air, Atkins takes the win, Green comes home 2nd, Reese takes home 3rd. In the tech area, it was discovered that Atkins would have illegal suspension components and would be disqualified, handing the win to JJ Green over Reese and David Price.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 66-Reese (1); 69-Emery (10-12); 20-Atkins (2-9, 13-15)
Top 3 Finishers: 12-JJ Green; 66-Daniel Reese; 1-David Price

Limited Late Model
We are getting set to honor Scott “Superman” Sexton as we host the Sweetheart 52! Ryan King and Jason Cardwell your front row, ready to roll, the inaugural Sweetheart 52 is GREEN! 52 laps is the distance, and quickly into turn 1, King off turn 2 with the lead off 2, Cardwell in 2nd, Adam Beeler in 3rd. Chris Wilson in 4th as Justin Beeler gets sideways off 2. King clicks off lap 3 as Adam Beeler closes in on Cardwell, now lap traffic becomes a factor as King has to slow up a little, everyone gets by cleanly. King showing the way, pulling away from Cardwell and Adam Beeler. Cory Hedgecock and Pierce McCarter trying to reel in Wilson for the 4th spot, now Beeler pulls inside Cardwell, but Cardwell up top hangs tough. Nick Perry slows off 2, caution flies here on lap 9. Flat right-rear on Perry’s machine.

Green flag back in the air, King maintains the lead into 1. Cardwell in 2nd, Adam Beeler falls in line behind him as McCarter powers around Hedgecock, he’ll claim the 5th spot and set his sights on Wilson. Beeler now looking inside on Cardwell for the 2nd spot, can’t make it stick at this point, now gets his machine set into 3, makes a run, can’t complete the pass. Adam Beeler and Cardwell still working hard at each other with 15 laps on the board. Cardwell hanging tough up high now as Josh Collins and Heath Alvey get together, both drivers seem to have damage, heavy right side damage on Collin’s machine. Caution here on lap 16.

Green flag back in the air, King picks up where he left off but now Adam Beeler claims 2nd, Cardwell drops to 3rd, as Adam Beeler sets his sights on King off 4. Plastic skirts go flying into 1 as these drivers are giving it all they’ve got, Beeler and another car both lost skirts into 1. King in command here with 20 laps complete. King maintaining his race lead with 25 laps complete, but Adam Beeler isn’t dropping far off the pace, now Cardwell slows into 1, tough break for him, and caution will fly here on lap 9.

Green flag back in the air, King your leader as Adam Beeler has company with Wilson and McCarter, now McCarter leans on Wilson just a tad into 3, Wilson claims 3rd with McCarter in 4th. Hedgecock rounds out your top 5 with 29 laps complete. Now Danny Yoder goes on a slide into 1, slides into Justin Beeler lightly, caution flies here on lap 29.

Green flag back in the air, McCarter with a run off 2, runs out of room, now Hedgecock peeks inside, down low 3-wide into 3, they sort themselves out before disaster strikes and now Adam Beeler catches some air into 1 as he’s trying to find a new way around King, but I don’t think taking flight will help, although a jet engine may help him catch King as King is setting a blistering pace. Wilson in 3rd, McCarter 4th with Hedgecock in 5th with 35 laps complete. King still showing the way, but Adam Beeler has closed the gap considerably with 40 laps now complete, looks like King’s machine is loose on entry into 3. Adam Beeler closing in, takes a peek inside into 3, now lap traffic just ahead, King stays up high, looking for room around a lap machine, he goes low, Adam Beeler tries to go high, has to follow King. Now into 1, Adam Beeler pulls inside, gets sideways off 2, loses ground, but into 3 they’re side by side, off 4 King pulls away slightly. Coming to click off lap 45, King running up high, a barn burner is setting up, but now Adam Beeler with a bobble in 2, both leaders machines look loose now at this point as both drivers give it all they’ve got. King with a good run through 3 and 4, opens the gap up over Adam Beeler, as they click off lap 48. This one is far from over with 3 laps remaining. King up front, Beeler hot on his heels, Beeler looks inside off 4 with 2 to go. Adam Beeler sideways in 2, loses some ground, now both drivers go way high into 3 with the white flag flying. King drives into 3, Beeler does too, off 4, KING TAKES THE WIN! Adam Beeler comes home 2nd, 3rd goes to Wilson, with McCarter coming home 4th and Hedgecock appears to take home 5th.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 30-King (1-52)
Top 5 Finishers: 30-Ryan King; 66-Adam Beeler; 10-Chris Wilson; 51-Pierce McCarter; 23-Cory Hedgecock

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