Johnny Ridings returns to victory lane only weeks after fiery incident

Another great night of racing is complete at 411 Motor Speedway, and now there’s only 1 racing event left for the 2012 season. Last night, we kicked the night off with the Limited Late Model B-Main, which was won by Heath Alvey. Next up was Classic, where Robbie Sands wore out the competition. In Topless Modified, Johnny Ridings would seal the deal as he snatched the early lead and held off several challenges from Keith Gregory to claim the win. In Thunder & Lightning, this feature was shortened to 7 laps with Robbie Comer taking the win. Next was Mini Stock, where Rocky McNabb would take the win. In Street Stock, Dale Watson would be the victor. In Topless Limited Late Model action, Cory Hedgecock would lead all the way to the white flag, when Matt Henderson would muscle his way past off turn 2 to claim the checkers. Hedgecock would lodge a protest against Henderson, who would accept, and was declared legal so the win stands. Then in the Rookie Powder Puff, Sonya Keck would take the win, and in Experienced Powder Puff, Brianna Kyle would cruise to victory lane!

Coming up this Tuesday will be an open practice, gates open at 5, practice runs from 6-9. $10 in the pits, $25 per car, and tier will be open free to the public! Be sure to join us this Saturday October 27th for the final race of the 2012 season, the 6th Annual Steel Head Nationals. In addition, we’ll crown the 2012 points champions, with the Mini Stock being decided on this night. Also, we’ll induct the newest members of the 411 Motor Speedway Hall of Fame! We’ll be starting earlier, with the gates opening at 2, and the drivers meeting starting at 4. $15 stands, $20 tier, and $35 pits!








Limited Late Model B-Main
Only 1 driver will transfer – the winner – here in the B-Main, Shane Taylor and Heath Alvey your front row, PINK FLAG! Alvey off with the lead off 2, Jason McCall in 2nd, Brian Courtney in 3rd here at the completion of lap 1. Courtney has moved his way around McCall to claim 2nd, but he’s got to chase down Alvey who has a great lead for the time being, but now Courtney is dropping fluid, white flag. Checkers, Alvey will advance to the A-Main.

Scott Russell and Logan Dukes your front row, ready to roll, PINK FLAG! Dukes quickly to the point on this strong field of Classics, Robbie Sands inside Russell to steal away 2nd, 3rd is Russell with Philip Shockley and Bart Baxter the next 2. Marvin Ray challenging Cameron Skinner for a moment, now Skinner goes to work on Shannon Reece as Robbie Sands challenges for the lead, goes up high, steals the lead! Robbie Sands your leader, Dukes in 2nd, 3rd is Russell, but it’s a dogfight for 4th as Baxter challenges Shockley, completes the pass, challenges Russell, looks inside off 4 here as they click off lap 7. Skinner closing in as he challenges outside Baxter off 4, completes the pass, now Bobby Pressley is around in 2, Ray takes evasive action, caution here on lap 8.

Pink flag back in the air, Robbie Sands goes back to work, Dukes trying everything he can to keep up, but Robbie Sands is strong tonight. Skinner in the 3rd spot now as he’s around Russell, Baxter just behind him as Reece closes onto his rear bumper. 13 laps now complete, and here comes Skinner, he’s inside on Dukes as Baxter appears to be losing a motor, he slows off 4, pulls in in 2, we stay green. Robbie Sands still out front here with 15 laps now complete, Skinner closing in from behind as he’s reeling in the leader, but time is running out. Checkers in the air on this one, Robbie Sands with the win, Skinner takes 2nd and 3rd goes to Dukes.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 5-Dukes (1, 3); 17-Robbie Sands (2, 4-20)

Topless Modified
Keith Gregory and Johnny Ridings your front row, ready to roll, PINK FLAG! Ridings quickly with the jump off 2, Gregory into 2nd, Marvin Romines in 3rd as they complete lap 1. Ridings picking up where he left off last week, but Gregory trying to stay close. Eric Hux closing in on Romines, he’s bringing William Hux with him, now Gregory reels back in Ridings, Ridings with a bobble in 2, Gregory looks inside into 3, inside off 4, challenge for the lead here with 4 laps complete. Now Ridings turns up the wick, pulls away from Gregory, now Ridings goes high into 3, Gregory tries to sneak low. Lap traffic already a factor as Gregory dives inside as they complete lap 7. Gregory staying glued to the bumper of Ridings with Romines in the 3rd spot, but caution flies as Patrick Evans has spun here on the frontstretch.

Pink flag back in the air, Ridings hammers the throttle, Gregory stays to within a car length of Ridings, now into 3 he’ll peek inside, falls in line off 4. Romines looking to close in on Gregory but the front 2 are pulling away, halfway in this feature. Ridings showing the way over Gregory and now Eric Hux has moved into the 3rd spot as Romines has a handling issue, William Hux closing in on his spoiler, as we have a battle for the lead, Gregory looks inside, can’t make it stick into 1. Eric closing in on both drivers as Ridings keeps his groove up high with 5 laps remaining. Ridings starting to pull away over Gregory with Eric Hux just behind Gregory, now 3 laps remain. Checkers in the air, Ridings takes the win, Gregory comes home in 2nd and 3rd goes to Eric Hux.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 31-Ridings (1-20)

Thunder & Lightning
David Miley and Robbie Comer your front row, PINK FLAG! Comer with the jump off 2, but debris already on the speedway in 2, caution flies, but Dalton King and Rocky Ogle, as well as Apaches Quinton all involved in an incident in 3. Caution for debris.

Take 2, front row the same, pink flag! Comer again with the jump off 2, Miley with a better start this time, stays to within striking distance of the lead, but now Scott Atkins and Tom Huston together on the frontstretch, caution flies with a lap complete.

Pink flag back in the air, Comer pulls away off 4. Miley in the 2nd spot, off 2 he’ll gain ground on Comer, to the spoiler off 4, can’t make his move just yet. Robert Martin in the 3rd spot, now here comes Dalton, he’ll challenge Martin for the 3rd spot, Martin way up high in the loose stuff, give Martin the lead, now Dalton spins in turn 4, Michael Boyd can’t get slowed up and he’ll spin sideways off 4, now Dalton’s machine catches on fire, track officials quick to put the flames out, caution is out.

Pink flag in the air, green/white/checker as time has expired. Comer quickly jumps into 1, Miley stays glued, gets a run off 2, peeks inside into 3, white flag in the air off 4. Miley down low, can’t make it stick, Comer drives away to the win over Miley and Martin.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-7)

Mini Stock
Rocky McNabb and Alex Squires your front row, PINK FLAG! McNabb with the jump off 2, Shane Taylor on his bumper into 3, Squires back to 3rd with Keith Sands and David Singleton the next 2. Squires with a bobble, now slows off 2, looks like a tire popped on that machine, tough break for him. Up front, McNabb your leader, he’s pulling away from Taylor, but Squires draws a caution here on lap 3.

Pink flag back in the air, Squires rejoins the field. Up front, McNabb your leader, Taylor in 2nd, Keith Sands in 3rd, Singleton closing in as Taylor gets sideways in 4, hangs on, we stay green. Squires already halfway back up through the field, but he’s got a little way to go to catch the leaders as Wallace slows off 2, gets it going and continues on so we stay green. McNabb your leader, heavy lap traffic in his windshield as he powers inside those guys, Taylor follows suit, he’s about 4 car lengths behind, but you have to go about a straightaway to get back to Keith Sands, now with halfway complete. Now caution flies here in turn 2 as fluid has dropped from the Charlie Grooms machine.

Pink flag back in the air, McNabb picks up where he left off, Taylor in 2nd, 3rd is Keith Sands but now Sam Burgess goes around in 2 as Taylor has collected the outside wall on the backstretch. Caution here on lap 11. Singleton stalls into 3.

Pink flag in the air, McNabb your leader, Keith in 2nd, Townsend outside Robert Burris for the 3rd spot, he’s bringing Burgess with him off 4. 7 laps remain with McNabb in command. Burris with a run, he’s around Mike Townsend, now Townsend slows off 4, he’s got a flat tire, so he’ll pull in off 2. McNabb, Keith, and Burris your top 3, Burgess in 4th, Squires with a nice recovery, he’s up to the 5th spot. Checkers in the air, McNabb takes the win, Keith gets 2nd and 3rd goes to Burris.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 51-McNabb (1-20)

Street Stock
David Price and Dale Watson your front row, ready to go, PINK FLAG! Watson quickly steals the lead off 2, Price in the 2nd spot, Nick Barnard making his way up through the field, he’s bringing Travis Reno with him, they close in on Price, Reno powers around both as he chases down Watson, who’s already out to almost a straightaway lead with 3 laps complete. Reno is no slouch, he’s got a fast ride and he will likely reel in Watson with or without a caution, Barnard has moved his way into the 3rd spot now as Watson continues to show the way. Reno has sliced into Watson’s lead by a half a straightaway now as they complete lap 8, Watson showing the way with Reno in 2nd and Barnard in 3rd. Barnard probably wants a caution to challenge both Watson and Reno for this one, but he may be waiting until next week as we’re halfway in this one. Watson out front, Reno has cut it down to about 3 car lengths, now Nathan Atkins slows up Reno, and Reno gives him a boot, caution flies here on lap 11.

Pink flag back in the air, Reno dives inside on Watson into 1, can’t make it stick, Watson pulls away off 2, off 4 though Reno closes in as his hood flies up, he’ll dive inside on Watson, can’t make it stick this time as Watson begins to pull away. Reno gathers his machine back up and starts reeling in Watson, now down to 2 car lengths lead. 5 laps remaining in this one as Reno peeks inside again, can’t make it stick, falls back in line. Reno now with a miss on his engine as Barnard is closing in with just 2 laps remaining. Checkers in the air, Watson takes the win, Reno manages to hang on to finish up in the 2nd spot, with Barnard in 3rd. On the scales, Reno would be disqualified as he was light. This handed Barnard the 2nd place spot with 3rd going to Jeremy Seay.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 11-Watson (1-20)

Topless Limited Late Model
Matt Henderson and Cory Hedgecock your front row, GREEN FLAG! Hedgecock with the jump off 2, Henderson down low, he’ll wash up, Steve Smith gives him a bump, we’ll stay green. David Crabtree inside Smith, now several cars stack up off 2, that’ll result in Mack McCarter getting sideways and stalling in turn 2, caution flies here on lap 2.

Pink flag back in the air, Hedgecock powers off 4, he’ll bring the rest of the field in tow, Henderson getting a challenge into 1, Crabtree looking for room inside on Henderson, Henderson high off 2, side by side for 2nd as Butch Bayless spins in turn 2.

Pink flag back in the air, Hedgecock leads the charge into 1, Henderson in the spot as Smith and Adam Beeler power around each other, give Beeler the 4th spot as Crabtree leans on Henderson off 4. Hedgecock out front, Henderson hanging onto 2nd as we have Curtis Thomas around in 2, he’ll be collected by Brad Seagle and Heath Alvey slides in as well. All drivers are ok. Caution here on lap 5.

Pink flag back in the air, Hedgecock with the jump off 2, Henderson in 2nd, Crabtree looking for room around Henderson as Crabtree is getting smaller. Crabtree jumps to the top of the track, Beeler tries to reel him in as he has a mirror full of Smith. Crabtree almost into the wall in 2, stays off and continues on. Hedgecock your leader, Henderson in 2nd, Crabtree and Beeler the next 2. Jason Cardwell reeling in Smith as Josh Collins is just behind him. Smith with a bobble in 4, Cardwell can’t capitalize just yet. Smith now slows off 4 as Cardwell powers around, now Smith slows to a crawl into 1 and caution flies here on lap 15.

Pink flag back in the air, halfway in this one. Hedgecock again with the jump off 2 but this time Henderson stays with his quarter, but now Hedgecock turns up the wick as Manley powers around Collins on the outside, Rusty Ballenger reeling in Collins as Jason Manley looks on the outside of Cardwell, can’t make it happen as he avoids trouble. Off 4, he’ll get a run, Manley up high now Collins pulls to his inside for a moment, now steals the position off 4, give Collins the position. Manley battles back, hard racing for the 6th position right now. Hedgecock your leader, Henderson in 2nd, now Hedgecock goes high into 1, gathers it up and maintains the lead but the top 3 is almost nose to tail with 8 to go. Henderson in 2nd, Crabtree in 3rd, don’t look now as Beeler and Cardwell are closing in, now Hedgecock sideways off 2, Henderson trying to find a way around, Henderson tries to peek inside, can’t make it stick as Hedgecock pulls away with 5 laps remaining. Manley now has dispatched of Collins, he powers inside and around Cardwell off 4, sets his sights on Beeler. Up front, Hedgecock your leader, Henderson gets a slight run into 1, Henderson is there, Hedgecock with a slide off 2, Henderson inside off 4 for the white flag, now Henderson makes contact with Hedgecock slightly off 2, Henderson takes the win, Hedgecock in 2nd, 3rd goes to Crabtree. That was impressive!

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 23-Hedgecock (1-29); 17-Henderson (30)

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