Mike Townsend, Warren McMahan, and Matt Henderson claim wins in Fall Brawl

Another great night of racing is complete at 411 Motor Speedway! This past Friday was the 2nd Annual Fall Brawl! In Mini Stock action, Lee Merritt crossed the line first, followed by Robert Burris and Sam Burgess. However, in post-race tech, all three would refuse to pull their valve covers, handing the win to Mike Townsend. In Modified Street action, it was Warren McMahan who claimed the $2,000 cash. He was chased to the checkers by Gary Blanken and Jonathan Sims. Rounding out the night was the Limited Late Models where “Chewy” Matt Henderson chewed up the competition en-route to the $2,000 cash. He was followed to the line by a hard-charging Mack McCarter and Rusty Ballenger.

Coming up this Saturday will be the Coy Floyd Classic Shootout! Classes in action will be Limited Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Mini Stock, Classic, and Topless Modified!








Modified Street B-Main
Dakotah Knuckles and Clyde Overholt side by side, green flag! Overholt quickly jumps to the race lead, Reggie Ritchie in the 2nd spot now, but here comes Knuckles, he wants to challenge for the B-Main, he’ll steal 2nd off 2 with 2 laps down. Ritchie now looking for a piece of the race lead, Overholt with a bobble, he’ll fall back to the 4th spot. Knuckles your leader, Ritchie in 2nd, now Overholt loses a right-front tire, he’ll smack the wall in 3, caution flies here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, 4 laps remain in this one. Knuckles picks up where he left off, Ritchie in the 2nd spot, but now off turn 4 Knuckles will spin his machine and caution will fly here with 7 complete.

Green flag back in the air, Ritchie picks up from the point and takes away with the lead. Everette Dunlap in the 2nd spot, that’s the final transfer spot, white flag flies. Checkers in the air, your transferring cars will be Ritchie and Dunlap.

Cautions: 2




Mini Stock
Robert Burris and Lee Merritt your front row, they’re ready, GREEN FLAG! Merritt quickly gets the jump, but Sam Fox has stalled in turn 4, caution flies.

Green flag flies once again, Merritt will lead the field into 1, but Burris hangs tough, he’s in the 2nd spot, Mike Townsend in 3rd with Sam Burgess just on his bumper. Burgess now ducks out of line, pulls inside Townsend off 2. Brady Lee working his way forward, now he and David Singleton get together, that allows Anthony Dixon to sneak by him, now he’ll pass David Singleton into 3. Up front, Merritt your leader, Burris in 2nd as he’s trying to reel in Merritt. Townsend in the 3rd spot with Burgess in 4th. Tim Kilby just ahead of Dixon as Dixon tries to reel in Kilby. Now Dixon gives a bump, but stays in line. Up front, Merritt continues to lead as he begins to slightly pull away from Burris. Burgess reeling in Townsend, pulls inside off 4 with 8 laps complete. Side by side for 3rd spot. Kilby has pulled away from Dixon as Burgess completes the pass, he’ll set his sights on Burris with 10 laps complete. Kilby now slows off turn 4, tough break for him. Burgess now pulls inside Burris as it’s a battle for 2nd as both drivers are reeling in Merritt. Merritt still hanging onto the lead, but his mirror is full as 5 laps are remaining. Now Burgess pulls to the bumper of Burris off 2, throw a blanket over the top 3. Burris in the 2nd spot, he wants a win, but he needs to find a way around Merritt as time is running out. Merritt has been so close to victory several times this season but has came up short. Checkers in the air, Lee Merritt will get the win, Burris will hang on to finish 2nd with Burgess finishing up in 3rd.

After the feature, the entire top 3 were told to remove their valve covers. In a stunning turn of events, the entire top 3 REFUSED, handing the 4th place finisher Townsend the win.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 14-Merritt (1-20)




Modified Street A-Main
Warren McMahan and Gary Blanken your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! McMahan with the quick jump into 1, Blanken in the 2nd spot, Shannon Emery in 3rd with Greg Estes and Jonathan Sims the next 2. 3 wide through the field as drivers get the running order sorted out, now caution flies as Nick Barnard goes around in 3. Caution here on lap 2.

Green flag back in the air, McMahan with the power off 4, he’s got a mirror full of Blanken and Emery as Emery pulls inside Blanken into 1. Emery in 3rd, Estes in 4th. Drew Kennedy around Robbie Buchanan as Estes slows off 2. Caution flies here on lap 4 for Estes.

Green flag back in the air, McMahan again with the jump off 4. Blanken goes a little high into 1, Emery dives inside, falls back in line off 4. Travis Reno working in heavy traffic as he’s trying to find some speed to challenge for the win, but in turn 2, caution flies as Buchanan helps Kennedy around. Caution flies on lap 7.

Green flag back in the air, Emery and Blanken into turn 1, they’ll make contact, Emery in the 2nd spot, Blanken drops 2. Jon Cook now appears to be up in smoke off 4. Up front, McMahan your leader, Emery in 2nd, Sims in 3rd, but caution flies here on lap 10.

Green flag back in the air, looking for green flag laps here. $2,000 on the line, who’s got the car to win? McMahan your leader, but now he’s got a mirror full of Emery as he’s staying glued to the rear bumper. Sims in 3rd with Blanken in 4th. Business picking up here as the laps wind down. Jason Sizemore and Brad Davis make contact in 2, both drivers continue, now Ritchie slows off 4, but he’ll continue on. Up front, Sims pulls inside to challenge for 2nd, now Blanken powers inside Sims, Reno drives it deep into turn 3, makes contact with Kennedy, and caution flies here on lap 16.

Green flag back in the air, McMahan powers off turn 4. Emery not as close this time, but tries to make it up into 1. McMahan off 2 pulls away, Emery way up high in 3, Blanken tries to pull inside, Emery gathers it up and remains in 2nd. McMahan, Emery, Blanken, Sims your top 4. Larry Sullivan has moved up to the 5th spot, now Blanken powers inside on Emery, he’ll steal the 2nd spot as Emery gets high into 3, smacks the turn 3 wall, caution flies here on lap 19.

Green flag back in the air, McMahan again with the power off 4, but Blanken stays glued to his rear bumper. Sims closing in on Blanken as Sizemore closes in on Sullivan. Sims looks inside off 2 for the 2nd spot, falls back in line. Everyone driving the wheels off their machines as they wheel around this track tonight, McMahan so far holds off the challengers but caution flies here on lap 23 as Jeff McLemore goes around in 4.

Green flag back in the air, McMahan leads the field into turn 1, Sizemore quickly powers around Sullivan as he has his hands full off 2, he’ll lose about 3 more spots. Up front, Blanken challenging for the race lead, he can get to the bumper but that’s about it for now. Sims still working hard on Blanken. Just behind him is Sizemore with Chad Williams running in the 5th spot. He’s got Jamey Adams on his tail as the field clicks off lap 28. McMahan opening his lead up slightly, but caution flies here on lap 28 as Buchanan spins in 4, collecting Bartley Grant.

Green flag back in the air, time expired so it’ll be green/white/checkers. McMahan powers into turn 1, Blanken in the 2nd spot with Sims in 3rd. Blanken losing ground on McMahan as the white flag flies. Checkers, McMahan your winner, Blanken in 2nd, and 3rd goes to Sims.

Cautions: 9
Leaders: 33-McMahan (1-30)




Limited Late Model
Bobby Giffin and Matt Henderson your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Henderson with the jump off 2, Giffin in 2nd, Heath Alvey in 3rd, but caution flies as Dustin Cansler is around in 2.

Green flag back in the air, Adam Beeler gets a great jump off 4 as he makes it 3 wide, but caution flies as Cansler has stalled in 3.

Green flag in the air, Henderson powers around Giffin into 1 but caution flies as Brian Courtney, Cansler, and Jody Horton are involved in a crash into 1.

We’ll try again, green flag! Henderson and Giffin power off 4, Henderson gets the jump off 2 as he blazes through 1 and 2. Giffin in 2nd, Mack McCarter in 3rd with Alvey on his heels. Henderson pulling away as Alvey gets a big piece of the turn 3 wall, he’ll continue on though. Up front, Henderson your leader, Giffin in 2nd, McCarter in 3rd. Beeler now pulls outside on Rusty Ballenger and takes the 4th spot away, he’ll set his sights on McCarter. McCarter closing in on Giffin, but it’s all Henderson as he’s pulling away but caution flies in 4 as Brad Seagle goes around in 4 here on lap 7.

Green flag back in the air, Henderson with a great jump on the field as he leaves Giffin in the dust. Giffin in 2nd, McCarter in 3rd, Beeler in 4th, Ballenger looks inside, falls back in line. Steve Smith around the outside of Jason Cardwell, sets his sights on Ballenger as Cardwell challenges for a moment. Henderson, Giffin, McCarter your top 3 here on lap 11. McCarter closing in on Giffin, but now Cardwell is around in turn 2, caution flies here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Chewy is chewing up the field tonight as he blasts off turn 2. Giffin in 2nd, McCarter in 3rd, Beeler 4th. Ryan King making some moves as he pulls inside Cory Hedgecock, sets his sights on Jason Trammell, pulls inside off 4, that’s for the 6th spot. McCarter and Giffin make slight contact off 4, both continue on. King still inside Trammell, gets a run off 4, they touch slightly into 1, continue to battle off 2, King finally makes the pass off 4 and sets his sights on Ballenger. Henderson your leader, McCarter and Giffin side by side for the 2nd spot, Beeler just behind them as McCarter makes the power move and slides into 2nd and sets his sights on Henderson. 20 laps now complete, 20 laps remain. Henderson pulling away from McCarter, but still a long way left in this one. Ballenger closing in on Beeler for the 4th spot. Lap traffic just ahead of our leader. McCarter beginning to close slightly on Henderson, now Henderson will have his hands full as lap traffic is racing hard just in front of him. Henderson chooses outside, lap cars pull down low to give the leader room, now Henderson has to find a way around Curtis Thomas who is up high. Henderson has nowhere to go as the lap cars battle side by side, McCarter has closed right in on Henderson, Henderson gets impatient, threads the needle, makes it around. Now 10 laps remain as McCarter has closed to the rear bumper. Ballenger looking inside Beeler as they’ve closed in on Giffin. Up front, Henderson in command, here comes McCarter, he peeks inside, falls back in line. Henderson knows he needs to protect the bottom now as he’s moved his lane down low. Beeler looking outside Giffin as lap traffic is racing each other, Giffin gets the edge for now. Up front, McCarter all over the heels of Henderson, he dives inside off 4, side by side with 4 to go. $2,000 up for grabs, but caution flies as Alvey has spun in 4.

Green flag back in the air, a 4 lap dash for the cash. Has the tires cooled in the favor of Henderson or in the favor of McCarter? We’ll find out soon enough! Heading down into turn 1, Henderson gets the jump, McCarter down low, off 2 Henderson pulls away. 2 laps remain as Ballenger pulls inside Giffin, give 3rd to Ballenger. CHECKERS in the air, Henderson takes the win, McCarter takes 2nd, and 3rd goes to Ballenger!

Cautions: 6
Leaders: 17-Henderson (1-40)

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