Nick Barnard and Jason McCall break through for 1st 2012 wins

Another great night of racing excitement is complete at the 411 Motor Speedway! In Topless Modified, we saw Eric Hux take the win. In Mini Stock, it was David Singleton. Next up was the NeSmith Crates where Jason McCall would claim the victory. In Thunder & Lightning it was Robbie Comer taking the win with a broken shock. In Street Stock, it was Nick Barnard that took the win. To cap the night in the Limited Late Model division, it was Josh Collins taking the win.

Coming up this FRIDAY October 5th is the 2nd Annual Fall Brawl. Racing in Limited Late Model, Modified Street, and Mini Stock is on the program. Gates will open at 4p, drivers meeting at 6:45p and hotlaps immediately following. Admission pricing is $15 stands, $20 tier, and $30 pits.








Topless Modified
Eric Hux and Jerry Hux ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Off 2, Eric Hux with the lead, Derik Duggan in 2nd, Jerry Hux to 3rd with William Hux in 4th and Keith Gregory rounding out the field. William Hux turning the heat up on Jerry Hux, they’re side by side off 4. Jerry Hux with the advantage as Gregory pulls in off 2. Eric Hux your leader, Duggan in 2nd , William Hux inside Jerry Hux for the 3rd spot off 4. 5 laps are complete, William Hux gets a run through 3 and 4 on Jerry Hux, completes the pass off 2. Meanwhile up front, Duggan beginning to reel in Eric Hux slightly, but Eric Hux able to maintain his lead. Over the course of the final 10 laps, Eric Hux would open his lead up and claim the win. Duggan takes 2nd and 3rd goes to William Hux.

Leaders: 11-Hux (1-20)


Mini Stock
Keith Sands and David Singleton side by side, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! David Singleton with the jump into 1, Keith Sands couldn’t get his machine rolling, but quickly several cars have come together, so it’ll be a complete restart.

Green flag back in the air, Keith Sands can’t get going again, several cars get together in 1, but they all keep rolling. David Singleton your leader, Lee Merritt in 2nd, but now Brandon Phillips is around, Robert Barndt couldn’t get slowed up. Caution here on 0.

We’ll try again, green flag in the air. David Singleton with the jump off 2, Lee Merritt in 2nd, Rocky McNabb in 3rd, Keith Sands in 4th with a better start this time. Gavin Murphy dives inside Keith Sands, slides up in 1, Keith Sands has to lift, that opens the door for Mike Townsend, but now Merritt and McNabb come together in 4. Caution here on lap 1.

Green flag back in the air, David Singleton with a jump into 1. Murphy in the 2nd spot, Keith Sands in 3rd. Townsend on the rear bumper of Keith Sands, now he’ll get help from Robert Burris, caution flies here on lap 2.

Green flag back in the air one more time. David Singleton your leader, Murphy in 2nd, Keith Sands in 3rd. Burris closing in on Keith Sands as he wants a piece of the 3rd spot. McNabb exited the track and he’s back on the track now after starting in the rear, he’s already worked his way up halfway through the field. Time expired, white flag in the air. McNabb slows, checkers in the air, David Singleton your winner, Murphy in 2nd, and Keith Sands 3rd.

Cautions: 5
Leaders: 25-David Singleton 1-6


NeSmith Crate Late Model
Trevor Sise and Jason McCall your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Sise gets out to the early jump, but caution quickly flies as Sise jumps the start.

Green flag back in the air, this time the start is good. McCall up high in 1, off 2 with the lead. David Crabtree and Sise side by side, Sise off 2 with the 2nd spot. Cory Hedgecock in 3rd. Chase Washington working his way through the field, he’s bringing Mickey Trosclair with him, but up front, Sise has reeled in McCall, they’re side by side, now Ryan King with a handling issue, he’ll drop through the field, looks like King has a steering issue as the toe is out, caution will fly here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air, Crabtree peeks outside Sise, now Justin Summers as Trosclair spins going into 1. Caution here on lap 4.

Green flag back in the air, McCall hammers on the throttle off 4, Sise looks inside, Crabtree looking for room around Sise, McCall off 2 with the lead. Hunter Best looking for room around Brad Seagle, now chases down Marty Calloway. Sise and McCall side by side for a moment, Crabtree now inside Sise, falls back in line. McCall your leader, Sise in 2nd, Crabtree 3rd. Trosclair has reeled in Washington as he makes a POWER move and flies past Washington, he’ll take the position. Wow, that was a power move if I ever saw one! Up front, McCall your leader in 2, but Sise gives him some help, caution flies here on lap 11.

Green flag back in the air, McCall still your leader. New 2nd place man now as Crabtree has moved to 2nd on Sise’s misfortune. Trosclair gets a great start in 4, he powers around Seagle, as Crabtree and McCall are side by side. Trosclair all over the back of Best, looks outside, gets a run off 4, dives inside on Best, can’t get a run off 2 and he’ll fall in line. Seagle now works inside, they touch, Seagle hangs on. Up front, Crabtree inside McCall, McCall keeps the lead off 2, but Crabtree still trying, now they touch off 4, Crabtree all over McCall, still side by side off 4. Caution flies here on lap 18 for debris.

It’ll be a nail biter, green flag! McCall off 2 with the lead, Crabtree inside off 4, white flag. Checkers in the air, McCall with the win, but off turn 2 fireworks fly as Crabtree drilled the wall on the frontstretch. I personally didn’t see it, but Crabtree slammed into Justin Summers. Crabtree & Summers will be disqualified, so Calloway will get 2nd, and 3rd will go to Best.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: 98-McCall (1-20)


Thunder & Lightning
Shannon Emery and Robbie Comer your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Comer with the jump into 1, Emery in 2nd, David Miley looking outside Emery, steals 2nd off 4. Rocky Ogle in the 4th spot, Scott Atkins and Jonathan Sims side by side, Sims powers around him, sets his sights on Steve Owens Jr. Tony Grooms now gets sideways in 3, he’ll get it gathered back up and continue on, but now Owens loses fluid into 1, Jeffery Wood slow on the backstretch, caution flies. 3 laps complete.

Green flag back in the air, Comer with the lead. Miley in 2nd, Emery in 3rd. Emery slides up the track, loses ground to Miley. Sims now chasing Tracy Wolfe, looking for room around him. Comer beginning to stretch out over Miley, Emery 4 car lengths back as Sims powers around Wolfe. Sims now chasing down Ogle, he’s got a strong machine tonight. Sims now to the bumper of Ogle, looks inside into 3, falls in line off 4. Comer still out front, Miley in 2nd about 5 car lengths behind. Sims all over Ogle as he wants around him, gets a run off 2, gives a bump, but Sims can’t make his way around. Off 2 he’ll get another run, peek outside, falls back in line. Top 3 remains the same, Sims almost gets the wall in 2 as he’s trying to find room around Ogle. Up front, Miley closing in on Comer, looks like a broken shock on Comer’s machine as Comer tries to hang on, Miley now inside, they touch, Miley gets sideways, hangs on, we stay green. Comer sees the white flag, Miley will try again, off 2 he’ll chase down Comer, can’t make it happen, Comer hangs on, Miley in 2nd and Emery gets 3rd.

Cautions: 1
Leaders: 42-Comer (1-20)


Street Stock
Jeff McLemore and Dwayne Fox your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Fox and McLemore get together, Travis Reno spins in reaction, caution flies.

Green flag back in the air, smoke pours from McLemore’s machine, he spins in 2. Caution is out, complete restart is coming.

Green flag back in the air, Reno now up front, but Fox gets the advantage off 2,. Fox your leader, Reno in 2nd, Nick Barnard in 3rd. Reno has closed in on Fox, Reno and Fox side by side for a moment, caution here on lap 4 as Reno and Fox get together in 4.

Green flag back in the air, Stacey Wright quickly goes to work on Barnard, falls back in line. Reno in the 3rd spot as he’s trying to reel in the top 2. Reno now slows into turn 1, but Dale Jackson loses a wheel into turn 1. Caution here on lap 6.

Green flag back in the air, Barnard mashes on the throttle, Wright does too, pulls inside into 1, loses the handle, now Fox pulls inside. Wright gets loose into 3, hangs on, Fox stays in line. Off 2, Wright gets loose, Fox powers around and into the 2nd spot. Barnard out front, Fox in 2nd as Barnard is pulling away. Wright making a new groove up in through 3 and 4. Barnard still out front, he’s pulled away from Fox, who’s pulled away from Wright. Time has expired, checkers in the air, Barnard gets the win, Fox in 2nd and 3rd goes to Wright.

Cautions: 4
Leaders: F1-Fox (1-4); 69-Barnard (5-16)


Limited Late Model
Adam Beeler and Josh Collins your front row, ready to roll, GREEN FLAG! Collins takes the lead off 2, Beeler dives inside into 3, side by side off 4. Beeler falls back in line, Collins your leader, now Beeler inside Collins, falls back in line. Mack McCarter in 3rd, Rusty Ballenger in 4th with Chase King in 5th. Jason Cardwell in the 6th spot. Up front, Beeler and Collins do battle once again, hard racing, Beeler trying everything he can as these guys are setting a blistering pace. Beeler got up on a couple wheels into 1, but everything seems to be ok so far. Collins still your leader, Beeler in 2nd, McCarter 3rd, Ballenger 4th, 5th is Chase. Cardwell still 6th, Tony Schrimsher in the next spot with 10 laps complete. Beeler closes in on Collins, side by side off 4 for a moment, lap traffic just ahead, Collins makes it around, Beeler with a lap car, he’ll punt Terry Poore, caution flies here on lap 12.

Green flag back in the air, Collins goes back to work, he’ll rolls his gloves up, now Beeler gets into the wall, rides up on top of the wall, caution flies here on lap 14.

Green flag back in the air, Collins off 2 with the lead, McCarter in 2nd, Ballenger in 3rd. Ballenger looks inside, falls in line. Best trying to race around Cardwell, pulls inside, falls back in line with Schrimsher rounding out the field. Collins up front, he’s pulling away from McCarter, Ballenger in 3rd. McCarter now closing in on Collins with 20 laps complete. Cardwell has pulled away from Roger Best, now McCarter continuing to reel in Collins off 4. McCarter now peeks inside, falls back in line. Caution flies though as Cardwell loses an engine into turn 1. Tough break for him, that’s the 2nd week in a row.

Green flag back in the air, Collins with the power off 4, but he’s got a mirror chocked full of McCarter. McCarter dives inside into 1, falls in line off 2. Ballenger closing in on McCarter, powers inside off 4. McCarter opens the gap off 2, Ballenger is staying glued to his bumper. Now McCarter pulls away, he’ll try to reel in Collins with 3 laps remaining. Collins and McCarter are no strangers to victory lane here, but time is running out, white flag in the air. McCarter closes to within a car length, chases Collins into 1, pulls inside into 3, can’t make it happen, checkers in the air, Collins takes the win, McCarter in 2nd and Ballenger in 3rd. Best in 4th and Schrimsher in 5th.

Cautions: 3
Leaders: 63-Collins (1-30)

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