Jason Manley outduels Josh Collins both on — and off the track

Another night of great racing is in the books at the 411 Motor Speedway! First on the speedway was a slugfest in the Classic at the start as Bart Baxter and Scott Russell played bumper cars before they would settle down, and after the dust settled, it was Scott Russell claiming the win. In Street Stock, Travis Reno set a new track record for the Street Stock division as they got to qualify. Reno would claim the victory. In Mini Stock, David Singleton continued his winning ways, then in NeSmith Crates we would see Ryan King take the checkers. The win would net him 2 points in the Weekly Racing Series for NeSmith, which allowed him to tie for the 3rd position in NeSmith WRS points. In Thunder & Lightning, Robbie Comer would power to the win. In Topless, it was a spinfest as 8 cautions slowed the pace – and cut the laps short – as Keith Gregory took the checkers. The final feature of the night was one that will be talked about for a while.

Coming up this Saturday September 1st is our Limited Late Model special event. Our Limited Lates will be running for $1,500. Joining the Limited Late Models will be the Street Stock ($300), Thunder & Lightning ($300), Mini Stock ($200), and Modified Mini ($500).

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August 25th, 2012

Classic 1.(1) Scott Russell, No. 77 2.(2) Bart Baxter, No. 7 3.(3) Marvin Ray, No. 98 4.(5) Robbie Sands, No. 17 5.(11) Cameron Skinner, No. 33X 6.(6) Tim Sands Jr. No. 21 7.(4) Shane Lockhart, No. 1 8.(12) Richard Bell, No. 69 9.(9) Matt Tharp, No. 3 10.(7) Logan Dukes, No. 5 11.(8) Shawn Walton, No. 59 12.(10) Mark Mincey, …

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Food City Race Night at the Knoxville Expo Center

Join 411 Motor Speedway and Smoky Mountain Speedway this Wednesday August 22nd for the Food City Race Night! Doors will open at 4:00p and will last until 8:30p. There’s plenty to see and do with several giveaways across the center and giveaways from the 411 Motor Speedway. Both tracks will be well represented as Ryan King, Mike Lewis, Rocky McNabb, …

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Brad Lowe, John Cobb, and Shannon Emery notch first season wins at 411

Another great night of racing is in the books at Tennessee’s Action Track! In Modified Mini action, it was all Michael Courtney as he smoked the field. Next was Street Stock where Travis Reno again started at the rear and powered his way to the front, however, he didn’t have enough as Shannon Emery took the checkers. In Mini Stock, it was Cole Trickle (Rocky McNabb) taking the win after drafting with Lee Merritt the first handful of laps. In NeSmith Crates, it was John Cobb taking the win. In Thunder & Lightning, it was Robbie Comer as he waxed the field. In Topless Modified, Flash again took the checkered flag as Keith Gregory notches his 8th win of the season. And finally, Josh Collins set fast time in the Limited with a blistering lap of 13.702, but it was all Brad Lowe as he stole the checkers.

Coming up this Saturday is another regular racing program as the season inches closer to the conclusion. There may only be about a month and a half left in the season but there’s A LOT of great racing to be seen yet! This Saturday we’ll have racing in Limited Late Model, NeSmith Crate Late Model, Thunder & Lightning, Street Stock, Topless Modified, Mini Stock, and Classic.

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Full Results for August 18th, 2012

Full results (all classes) – August 18th, 2012 Modified Mini 1.(2) Michael Courtney, No. C11 2.(1) Brad Pressley, No. 19 3.(5) Dustin Stephens, No. 12 4.(9) Darren Goins, No. D2 5.(3) Tom Vann, No. XXX 6.(11) Aaron Hayes, No. 25 7.(8) Mitchell Fox, No. F15 8.(12) Paul Woody, No. 4 9.(10) Shane Taylor, No. 20 10.(6) William Tallent, No. 18 …

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August 18th, 2012

Mod Mini 1. Michael Courtney, No. C11 2. Brad Pressley, No. 19 3. Dustin Stephens, No. 12 4. Darren Goins, No. D2 5. Tom Vann, No. XXX 6. Aaron Hayes, No. 25 7. Mitchell Fox, No. F15 8. Paul Woody, No. 4 9. Shane Taylor, No. 20 10. William Tallent, No. 18 11. Jason Carter, No. 39 12. Rocky McNabb, …

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News & Notes for August 18th

Effective immediately, if there are less than 8 NeSmith Crate Late Models signed in, those cars will move into the Limited Late Model division as a combined class. Beginning October 1st, we will run a COMBINED Limited/Crate format for the remainder of the season. Also, for this Saturday, we have the Modified Mini. 10 cars = $500, under 10 = $300, so all Modified Mini drivers are urged to phone a friend for the full purse.

In the event of the class being combined, here’s the rules for the combined class for Crates: Sealed 604 : #2200
: Any Tire
: 12″x32″ Left Side Board with 8″ Spoiler OR 12″ Spoiler { No 12″x32″ SideBoard with 12″ Spoiler}

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