Points finale a caution-filled night

The curtain was dropped on the 2011 points championship at the 411 Motor Speedway on Saturday night, and it was certainly a caution-filled night! We want to take a moment to congratulate all the winners: Robbie Sands (C), Clyde Stanton (CLM), Mike Lewis (TM), Dale Watson (SS), Robbie Comer (ST/MS), Joey Allen (MM), Sam Burgess (MS), Josh Henry (LLM), and Bud Hoomes (MLM)!

We would also like to extend our congratulations to our 2011 Divisional Champions: Adam Engel (C), Mike Lewis (TM), Dale Watson (SS), Robbie Comer (ST), Chuck McMahan (MM), Tommy Metler (MS), Josh Collins (LLM), and Cody Courtney (MLM)!

Next on the schedule is the final Hardee’s Shootout of the season, the Street Stock edition! Street Stocks will get qualifying for a $50 fast time qualifier bonus from TennesseeRacer.com, and will be gunning for $411 to win! See you Saturday!

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Burgess collects first career win; Comer returns to VL

Another Saturday night is in the books, and we seen a night of great racing! And to top it all off, you were hitting the highway before 10p! How about that? Congrats to all our winners: David Crabtree(CLM), Adam Engel(C), Marvin Romines(TM), Dale Watson(SS), Robbie Comer(ST/MS), Chuck McMahan(MM), Sam Burgess(MS), Josh Collins(LLM), and Bud Hoomes(MLM)!

This Saturday will be Boy Scouts Night as well as Legends Night! Scouts with uniforms, t-shirts, or ID will get into the grandstands FREE! Also, we’ll pay $111 to start in Limiteds, $101 to start in Crates, and $41 to start in all other divisions! SO, get ready for a great night, and we’ll see you Saturday!!

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Everyone’s a winner @ 411 Race Night

Another great night of racing is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway, and everyone came out a winner in the end! Racing was fast and furious all night as we seen Ryan King pick up the win in Crate Late Model, Robbie Sands rocketed to the win in Classic, Buddy Norwood came from out of nowhere to take the win in his first start of the season in Topless Modified, with Dale Watson outdueling both Arva Lee “Booger” Brooks and Bradly Lewelling in Street Stock. Cory Cate whipped up on some Mod Streets in Super Truck/Mod Street, while Michael Courtney blistered the field in Mod-Mini. Dalton King again won in Mini-Stock, with Greg Martin pouncing on the competition for the win in Limited Late Model. Cody Courtney returned to victory lane in Mini-Late Model.

With only 2 points races left in the season, we only have 2 more champions to declare! Mod-Mini and Mini-Late Model are yet-to-be-decided! Congrats to Adam Engel in Classic, Mike Lewis in Topless Modified, Dale Watson in Street Stock, Robbie Comer in Super Truck/Mod Street, Tommy Metler in Mini-Stock, and Josh Collins in Limited Late Model! Next up on our schedule is the Phoenix Conversions Race Night!

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Wild and Wacky Saturday Night

A crazy Saturday night is in the books at 411 Motor Speedway, and we want to start out this week’s summary by thanking all the drivers, crew, and most importantly, THE FANS for being so dedicated and sticking it out with us. Congratulations to all the winners: Ryan King (CLM), Adam Engel (C), Johnny Ridings (TM), Jeff McLemore (SS), Cory Cate (MS/ST), Rocky McNabb (MM), Dalton King (MS), and Pierce McCarter (LLM).

Coming up this Saturday September 10th is “The 411 Race Night” at 411 Motor Speedway. Check out the post under this one for all the information regarding the racing event! ALOT of BIG MONEY up for grabs! You won’t want to miss it!

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Official Results & Recap: September 3rd, 2011

OFFICIAL RESULTS & RACE NIGHT RECAP Alzheimer’s Race Night benefiting Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc September 3rd, 2011 Crate Late Model 1.(1) Ryan King, No. 30 2.(4) Brad Hall, No. 23 3.(2) Layne Clifton, No. 23 4.(3) Mack McCarter, No. 51 5.(8) Jason Ritchey, No. 25 6.(5) Brad Coffey, No. 89 7.(7) Trevor Sise, No. 73 8.(6) Marty Calloway, No. 79c 9.(10)…

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