Benson sparks top 2 DQ; Sims bounces to surprise win

Another Saturday night is in the books, and fans, was it a wild night or what? We saw a couple tempers flare, saw several drivers get DQed after the features, and saw a new winner in Mini-Late Models. But the true winner of the night was the American Heart Association. Fans donated from their hearts, thanks to drivers bringing their helmets and filling them up. So we want to most certainly thank all the fans for their support!

Coming up Saturday is another regular night of racing, it’s the Exxon EZ-Stop Race Night, June 11th! So, on your way to the track, be sure to fill up on fuel at the EZ-Stop, and head on down 411 to Tennessee’s Action Track!

In Mod-Mini action, we saw Terry Poore and Joey Allen lead the field to the green. Allen wasted no time taking the race lead from the start. Poore would line up in the 2nd spot, with Chuck McMahan in the 3rd spot. McMahan would pull into the pit area on lap 2, and on lap 3, Poore would apparently lose an engine out of turn 4. Nick Keeley would then inherit the 2nd spot, and with only 2 cars on the track, officials cut their laps to just 10. Allen wins, Keeley gets 2nd, and 3rd will go to Terry Poore.

Feature Results:
1. #A00-Joey Allen
2. #22-Nick Keeley
3. #2-Terry Poore
4. #99-Chuck McMahan
DNS. #95-Taylor Dennis

Next on the speedway are the Classics. Marvin Ray and Adam Engel would lead the field down to the green. Engel would take over the race lead from the start. Marvin Ray would fall to the 2nd spot. Bart Baxter would run 3rd until Robbie Sands would pull into the 3rd spot on lap 5. Sands would make the pass for the 2nd spot on lap 15 and set his sights on the race leader Engel for the final 5 laps, but would have nothing for him. Engel picks up with #5 on the season, with Robbie Sands coming home 2nd, with Bart Baxter coming home 3rd.

Feature Results:
1. #28-Adam Engel
2. #17-Robbie Sands
3. #7-Bart Baxter
4. #98-Marvin Ray
5. #6-Logan Dukes
6. #2-Ron Rudder
7. #12-Phil Blackford
8. #68-Shannon Reece

Topless Modified
In Topless Modified action, only 4 showed up, with one breaking in hot laps, so the field dwindled to 3. Marvin Romines and Mike Lewis would lead the field to the green flag. Marvin Romines led the first 4 laps until Mike Lewis powered around for the lead, and cruised to an easy win. Romines finished up 2nd with Dave Lewis coming home 3rd.

Feature Results:
1. #15-Mike Lewis
2. #57-Marvin Romines
3. #51-Dave Lewis
DNS. #3-Cody King

Street Stock
In Street Stock action, this feature was an intense one. Dale Watson and Jonathan Sims would lead the field down to the green. Sims would power into the race lead from the start, with Watson in tow. Phil Davis would power into the 2nd spot on lap 2 and stalk Sims through a couple of cautions, with Watson in 3rd until Jordon Horton would move into the 3rd spot on lap 5. By lap 10, Watson would move back into the 3rd spot, as Davis would make several advances for the race lead. On lap 15, Davis would finally make the move, but on lap 16, Sims would reclaim the race lead. Davis would stalk for the remaining 3 laps until on the last lap, Davis would power into the race lead out of turn 4 to claim the win as Sims pounded the turn 4 wall. Davis takes the win, Sims crosses in the 2nd spot, with Watson in 3rd. However, Davis was found to not be carrying the weight required for the type of carburetor he was running, and was DQed. Sims would go into turn 1 after the checkers and about chuck the entire rear end from the car. Since Sims was the new winner, track officials had to use a tractor to pull his machine across the scales to check weight, where other officials had to carry springs and a driveshaft over to put on the car. Aftewards, everything was OK and Sims celebrated on the roof of the car on the scales. Sims wins, Watson gets 2nd and 3rd goes to the 21 of Sonny Jones.

Feature Results:
1. #44-Jonathan Sims
2. #11-Dale Watson
3. #21-Sonny Jones
4. #49-Jason Ogle
5. #5-Sam Ferguson
6. #44C-Jordon Horton
7. #75-Brad Mills
8. #25-Unknown Driver
DQ. #70-Phil Davis (light [claimed weight])
DNS. #25-Josh Shipley

Super Truck
In Super Truck Action, Robbie Comer would be looking for 7 in a row. He would start dead last once again. Cory Cate and Steve Hillard was your front row. Cate would lead until lap 5, when Robbie Comer would take the lead. Cate would stalk him until lap 17 when he would suffer mechanical issues, a broken rear suspension, after slapping the turn 4 wall. Comer takes the win, Steve Hillard gets 2nd, and 3rd goes to Tom Huston.

Feature Results:
1. #42-Robbie Comer
2. #2-Steve Hillard
3. #78-Tom Huston
4. #92-Cory Cate
DNS. #74-Freddy Hillard

Late Model
Pierce McCarter and Adam Beeler would be the front row, but in a strange turn of events, McCarter would pull off the speedway on the final warmup lap, handing the inside front row to Brian Ownby. McCarter would suffer a broken tie-rod. Ownby would take the race lead from the start, with Josh Collins in tow and Jason Cardwell in the 3rd spot. Ownby would lead the way until lap 7, when he would get sideways in turn 2 and stack the field up slightly, in which Jason Cardwell powered around both Collins and Ownby and shoot into the race lead. Cardwell would have a mirror full of Josh Collins over the course of the next 15 or so laps, until Josh Collins would wrestle his way into the race lead on lap 25. Cardwell would then dive inside to attempt to reclaim the lead, but Ryan King was there and the two made contact. King would be part of a pileup which included Rusty Ballenger, Adam Beeler, as well as Ownby. Beeler would remain on track as well as King, but Ballenger and Ownby’s nights were done. The field would be lined back up with Cardwell back in the race lead, as he and Collins had a chat under the red flag. Cardwell led until lap 18 when Collins powered into the lead, taking the win. Cardwell would again have to settle for 2nd, with Ryan King coming home in 3rd.

Feature Results:
1. #63-Josh Collins
2. #07-Jason Cardwell
3. #30-Ryan King
4. #23-Layne Clifton
5. #66-Adam Beeler
6. #2-Danny Yoder
7. #79C-Marty Calloway
8. #1H-Charles Hurst
9. #71-Brian Courtney
10. #7-Jimmy Calloway
11. #10-James Parrott
12. #29-Rusty Ballenger
13. #00-Brian Ownby
14. #21-Chase King
15. #71-Pierce McCarter

In Mini-Stock action, Dalton King and Sam Burgess would lead the field to the green. King and Burgess would run 1-2 with Donnie Benson in 3rd and Tommy Metler in 4th, with Clifford Sands rounding out the field. On lap 3, Metler suffered a broken rear gear. This made the top 4 as King, Burgess, Benson, Sands, and that’s how they would finish. However, in what has not been seen in a long time, Benson protested Burgess, who refused to tear down. After that, Benson then protested King. After that protest was lodged, Clifford Sands was deemed light at the scales. King agreed to tear down, and on Sunday, the engine was torn down and he was declared illegal, handing the win over to Donnie Benson. Tommy Metler was scored 2nd, and that’s how the feature finished up. Strange, huh??

Feature Results:
1. #26-Donnie Benson
2. #44-Tommy Metler
DQ. #51-Dalton King (illegal head); #23-Sam Burgess (refused teardown); DQ. #16-Clifford Sands (light)
DNS. #17-Alex Loveday

Mini-Late Model
In Mini-Late Model action, Cody Courtney appeared to be well on his way to yet another win, however, a spark plug wire came off on lap 3. Bud Hoomes was running 2nd, with Gabe Miller in 3rd, and both youngsters thought the race was over, when track officials let both drivers know “hey, it’s not over yet!”. Hoomes would hammer on the gas as Miller had slowed, thinking the race was over. In the end, Bud Hoomes becomes the first driver to win a points race other than the Courtney’s, and only the 4th different winner the entire season. Gabe Miller came home in 2nd.

Feature Results:
1. #5-Bud Hoomes
2. #32-Gabe Miller
3. #171-Cody Courtney

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